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!Read E-pub µ Oil on Water ⚛ The new generation of twenty first century African writers have now come of age Without a doubt Habila is one of the best Emmanuel DongalaIn the oil rich and environmentally devastated Nigerian Delta, the wife of a British oil executive has been kidnapped Two journalists a young upstart, Rufus, and a once great, now disillusioned veteran, Zaq are sent to find her In a story rich with atmosphere and taut with suspense, Oil on Water explores the conflict between idealism and cynical disillusionment in a journey full of danger and unintended consequences.As Rufus and Zaq navigate polluted rivers flanked by exploded and dormant oil wells, in search of the white woman, they must contend with the brutality of both government soldiers and militants Assailed by irresolvable versions of the truth about the woman s disappearance, dependent on the kindness of strangers of unknowable loyalties, their journalistic objectivity will prove unsustainable, but other values might yet salvage their human dignity.