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FREE EPUB ê Persepolis á Here, in one volume Marjane Satrapi s best selling, internationally acclaimed graphic memoir Persepolis is the story of Satrapi s unforgettable childhood and coming of age within a large and loving family in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution of the contradictions between private life and public life in a country plagued by political upheaval of her high school years in Vienna facing the trials of adolescence far from her family of her homecoming both sweet and terrible and, finally, of her self imposed exile from her beloved homeland It is the chronicle of a girlhood and adolescence at once outrageous and familiar, a young life entwined with the history of her country yet filled with the universal trials and joys of growing up.Edgy, searingly observant, and candid, often heartbreaking but threaded throughout with raw humor and hard earned wisdom Persepolis is a stunning work from one of the most highly regarded, singularly talented graphic artists at work today. I keep promising to write a full review for this but never get around to it Basically, I read Persepolis for my Gendered Communities course and I think it s one of those rare reads that actually gets better when you study it for the historical, cultural and political context There are depressingly few Middle Eastern women whose books are read on a large scale so the insight which Persepolis offers into this part of Iran s history is very important It offers a perspective we don t get to see too often. I sat down to read a little of this during lunch, and ended up sitting in the restaurant for an hour after I was done eating Eventually I felt guilty and left, but my plans were shot for the afternoon, as all I could think about was finishing this book I wish there were some mechanism on Goodreads to occasionally give a book than five stars Something to indicate when you think a book is than merely excellent Like for every 100 books you review, you earn the right to give one six star review If such a mechanism were in place, I d use my six star review on this graphic novel It was lovely and clear It had a strong emotional impact, without being sugary or uncomfortable It was eye opening without being preachy or didactic I read the whole thing in less than three hours, and I can honestly say I am better for the experience. A masterpiece of graphic novels This edition as the name indicates, collects the complete run of Persepolis.Creative Team Creator, Writer Illustrator Marjane Satrapi REVOLUTIONARY WORK I remember the days when we traveled around Europe, it was enough to carry an Iranian passport They rolled out the red carpet We were rich before Now as soon as they learn our nationality, they go through everything, as though we were all terrorists They treat us as though we have the plague Persepolis is the masterpiece by Marjane Satrapi, a pseudo biographical work, illustrating her life since 10 years old 1980 until 24 years old 1994 , where she experienced her coming to life, in her native Iran, during the Islamic Revolution and the war with Iraq, along with four years in Europe, and her return to Iran again.In this graphic novel you will witness many of the convoluted events happening during the decade of the 80s in the Middle East, from the point of view of a brave girl that was living at the heart of the incidents.Marjane is able to present each topic that she wants to expose in titled parts where you learn about relevant facts of Iranian s society, its past, its present and its future.However, what makes unique Persepolis is the brilliant approach by Marjane Satrapi of those events, since while she is fearless to show the brutal side, she is also honest in showing her failures and doubts during growing up, and even she goes to the funny side of life.Since it s impossible for any human being to live in constant stressed status, people need to breath, to liberate the weight of their risky existence in many different ways.People needs to smile, not matter where they live They need to live.And Marjane knows that.Therefore, she masterfully is able to tell her lifestory, full of political episodes and social chapters, but always adding humoristic elements with taste and without ridiculing the seriousness and gravity of the situations.Anybody can tell a tragedy but a dramedy requires talent, tact and wit.Brace yourself and meet Persepolis. Full review 4.5 starsThings I didn t know before The Complete Persepolis was originally written in French Way to feel dumb as shit in the French bookstore, I assure you Things I know now Marjane Satrapi, as a French Iranian, can t enter the US now But hey, it s for your security , all that shit I just learned that French Iranian had been authorized to go to the US with a Visa.Favorite quote from the whole collection As time passed, I grew increasingly aware of the contrast between the official representation of my country and people s real lives, what happened behind doors approximate translation by me, I don t own the English version to check because we re at the core of what makes The Complete Persepolis so interesting and, I ll say it, indispensable For me, the strength of Marjane Satrapi s graphic novel relies on the insight it offers the reader where classic nonfiction books can easily end up as mere juxtapositions of historical events which is often boring, okay , The Complete Persepolis successfully breaks the codes by combining Iran s History with Marjane Satrapi s experience I, for one, believe that we need this kind of insight just as much as history books, because as I said in my review of Rooftops of Tehran, it s way too easy to dehumanize people we know nothing about, to forget the much real people living in the countries that our leaders target This is what I mean when I say that there s nothing political any in strongly disagreeing with Trump s decisions, especially when it comes to Muslims At this point, it s not about agreeing on reducing taxes for the rich in order to avoid flight of capital, it s about acknowledging that everything in Western culture participates in feeding our prejudices Really it s about acknowledging that these prejudices are real and that it s an everyday, conscious work to fight against them What fighting prejudices does not mean It doesn t mean agreeing with everything It doesn t mean, oh my god, erasing western culture and that concept, loved and spread by so many of far right voters is so fucking ridiculous given the fact that we have controlled the narrative for so long, it s not even funny The great replacement so dearly loved by FN voters is merely another way for them to express their islamophobia and show their lack of basic education Forget me with this shit I m using western culture as a generalization here I don t believe that all western countries share the same culture, far from it What fighting prejudices means it means accepting that different experiences are just as much valid It means educating yourself, reading about and from people from different cultures It means rejecting any attempt of categorizing cultures as being good or evil as a whole It means a lot of listening and maybe less talking Trust me, I very much include myself when I say that we have to educate ourselves The truth is, I have a shit tons of biases I m desperately secular, hopelessly Cartesian and very much on the Left spectrum I ve beneficed from my white privilege my whole life I m a straight, abled woman from Europe I will never understand religion I am interested in religions, but it s not the same thing and it never will As far as I m concerned, though, people can believe what they want as long as they don t try to convince me that I should believe and live my life according to thus beliefs And just to be clear, right now the intolerant people who are being vocals about condemning abortion or LGBTQIA rights in my country are very much Christians Nobody asks you to change what you are, but to accept that others aren t the same.Am I going to screw up and fail to notice hurtful contents in the books I read Probably, unfortunately Yet I think that in the end, what baffles me and makes me so sad and so angry is the fact that so many people genuinely do not want to listen, learn and do better Everything starts with education, and I m not saying this because I m a teacher Nobody should ever forget that we know one thing that we know nothing For of my reviews, please visit