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!DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☩ The Eternal Engagement ⚇ Mona Cunningham doesn t believe in marriage but she doesn t want to lose a good man, so she accepts William Lincoln s proposal But each time the wedding nears, Mona finds a reason to postpone William is frustrated and agrees to meet his first love when she emails him out of the blue Now it s William who is postponing the wedding. I did not care too much for this book From the beginning of the book I could not wait for this story to end I thought the characters were underdeveloped with the exception of Lincoln Lincoln s character should have had a bigger role in the book The book left a lot of unanswered questions and some parts were not relatable I did not understand Steven s character and why he had such issues I wondered if there were any other men in this little country town because Mona and Katherine both dated and were fixated on the same two men throughout the book The beginning of this book was astounding, one man proposing to two women on the same day minutes apart, one his ex girlfriend and the other his current girlfriend The ending was unexpected with no conclusive finale, leaving the presumption of a possible sequel. It s hard for me to say I like this book when I absolutely HATED the characters Two STUPID women waiting around 10 years for a man who don t even bother to contact them while in the military Then when he does he s asking for help And they both drop everything and go running HELL naw This story line was ridiculous The only reason I kept reading was because I wanted to know what would happen to Steven The rest I couldn t wait to finish reading so I could move on. Spoilers This book was OK for me The cast of characters are not too far fetched to me I see some reviews on here and on that can not believe that two college educated women would wait for ten years I dont think that education has anything to do with it I think this book focused on the commitment of two women for one man One Mona knew in her heart that she would not wait for Lincoln to come back and this is why she did not answer his, will you marry me question Where as Katherine was eager to accept his proposal and had invested by having his child Again to some it may seem weird that Katherine waited all this time but this used to happen a lot during the other wars Men used to go off with the promise of marriage upon their return I do like how Mary B Morrison addresses the PTSD in Lincoln and shows real struggle to get it under control Lincoln Wood he thought he was the shit and that every woman would want him Does the feeling of him being wanted fulfill the loss that he felt by his parents not wanting anything to do with him I did not like that he went away and did not even bother to write to Katherine and Mona Lisa But then there was a part where he said that he preferred not to know that there was someone waiting for him The someone he refers to is his son Jeremiah I felt sorry for him because in a way its true why would he want his focus to be on surviving for his family rather than surviving on his own I feel that at the end he choose Mona only because it seemed like the choice that made since His relationship with Katherine after his shooting was ruined yet even due to her selfishness towards their son I commend Lincoln for telling Katherine that he wanting to meet his son was about he and Jeremiah and did not have anything to do with her That was so true Katherine Clinton Successful and a great single mother yet she never left behind the idea that one day she would be with Lincoln Yet at the end of the day it was like really After all this time she still harboured feelings for Lincoln and they were strong In a way it seemed that the feelings she felt for him were due to their having a child together I am not sure if she realized that she was there only out of habit and not because she truly loved him I mean when she goes to meet him in Seattle I feel as though she left right away and did not make an effort to help him at all I mean she kept complaining that she had no money so there may no means for her to help She was not even there emotionally there for him yet Mona was Katherine had to deal with her mom being her mirror of her life Mom also raised Katherine on her own but was not able to get to the career level that Katherine got to Yet despite her education level she managed to let 10 years pass by and the first opportunity she getsshe goes and messes with Stephen who she knows is already attached The ending really sucked for me because it did not say whether or not she was going to keep the baby, relinquish rights to the parents or abort it In my opinion she kept the baby and gave it to his parents but how old are the parents and will they live long enough to even raise their child I will discuss this in my end synopsis Mona Lisa Covington She was the one woman who seem to know what she wanted She was attracted the life of living in luxury I don t think that she ever loved Stephen if it were not for his wallet She was with him only for the money and for the sex In the end she realized that she made a mistake which her mother had proclaimed so many times Mona had several opportunities to get out and not have to deal with the guilt of knowing Stephen was a murderer Yet she decides to stay with him and make a life with no children since she would only make one with Lincoln It was unbelievable how she finally left Stephen She left him and literally found a replacement lover with in a day This leads me to question if she would be able to survive on her own Did she need a constant companion since she did not want to be alone In the end she is convicted at least to have allegedly killing Davis Singleton which Stephen did and of killing the other people that Stephen killed Now she would have to prove her innocence with the help of their old neighbor from California Mrs V It will be a long trial for her I am sure but I do not think that she will fall scott free since she did have some involvement by not telling anyone about it We will never know what will happen.Stephen Cunningham He decided to buy love in the whole novel I thought he was a good guy for Mona Yet he turned out to be a killer for hire I don t think that he felt Mona cared for him the same after finding out how he earned his money At the end he asked if he would die not knowing what it would be to be loved by a woman that he didn t buy The will for him to die and not want to be seen as perfect from his parents was a cowardly way to go out What I think would happenMona I think it would be years before she got set free I mean is this not revenge for her not saying anything and having the other woman in jail for murdering her husband Ms V would testify on her behalf but Mona is not as innocent as she would like people to appear She asks Lincoln to wait for me don t break our engagement yet when it was she that was asked 10 years earlier, she had no problem slipping the ring off and doing her own thing I think she will come out but I don t know if she would have her money since the government cease it or she would have to use it to pay a top notch law office Katherine Knowing her she would carry out her pregnancy and keep the baby for herself Just like Stephen said that he got everything but did not know when he went on the bad side I don t think Stephen s child would necessarily come out like his dad I don t think she would abort it because she is not a believer in thatif not she would have done so with Lincoln s baby I don t think that she will get back with Lincoln Lincoln is too damaged for her In the end no matter how hard she will try Lincoln has PTSD and requires a strong supportive woman like mona than her Katherine will surely end up dating someone else and seeing Lincoln just as Jermiah s dad Lincoln I think he will go back to Seattle He may stand by Mona s side but upon hearing all her crimes he will go away I don t think that he will stand by her side because its almost as he had to convince himself to be with Mona He will go back and take advantage of the 11 sessions that Mona had prepaid for I am not sure if Lincoln will ever be well enough to date He may just be a loner like he has perceived himself all his life I do think that he will form a bond with Jeremiah but there will be limits to it Overall the end pretty much sucked for me I wanted since the book is lengthy and one expect the end to be clear I do not like the hanging detail of Katherine being pregnant and not knowing what she will do I know that Mary B Morrison says she writes in series so maybe there will be a sequel If not then boo I will look for another book from her but it all depends on the audio book availability. The Eternal Engagement by Mary B MorrisonI have often stated that love happens in conjunction with life s events The Eternal Engagement confirms my opinion by telling the story of three individuals who begin a relationship during their high school years that continues until events alter and cuts the bond between them.Mary B Morris has managed to weave some very contemporary social themes into this work She deals with military service and the lack of support afterwards, abortion and single motherhood in the 21st Century I like the fact that she provides a balanced perspective on these topics through the lives and decisions of the characters in the story.This novel is edgy because it combines the elements of human relationships, murder for hire, and wealth as a part of the story line mix.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a love story that is sensible and intriguing. This was a good read It had a lot of twist and turns, lies, heart ache and pains I hate how older people can stir you wrong because of their ways and beliefs and that s what was done to Lincoln he never should have made the choices he did and in the end all were bad Katherine never should have held on to a dream so long Steven lets just say was crazy along with Mona All in all you can take something from each persons story and see it reflected in some of our daily lives Great Job Mary B Morrison. An awful book that could not decide what it wanted to be The only reason I kept reading was to see if it was possible that the story could get stupid and it did.It was like porn, a re election manifesto and an african american gangster movie, all rolled in to one The porn was slutty, and made out that all african american women put out whenever offered money The political overtones were blatant and rude, with comments about single mothers, Obama, women, racism, the military and religion which all seemed one sided without evidence And the storyline was ridiculous with no way that any of the characters could be related to in any way or even liked for that matter.If this is an example of Urban Fiction I will stick to my country reading. This is by far this worst book I ve read this year Mary B Morrison s The Eternal Engagement is a subpar literary exploration of the strength of love The synopsis does not match the story line at all Mona Cunningham doesnt believe in marriage, but she doesnt want to lose a good man, so she accepts William Lincolns proposal But with dark secrets from her past hanging over her, each time the wedding date nears Mona finds some reason to postpone The book needed a thorough rewriting and a new title It just doesn t make sense The Eternal Engagement is poorly written trash. Not a fanI found both the characters and the plot of the book to be extremely confusing and all over the place.No character development, not enough backstory and the chronological timeline jumps years sometimes in the span of two or three pages.Also, with the chapters being so shortno one truly had enough spotlight on them ata specific time for the reader to gain knowledge of the reasoning behind an action I feel like if this story was given a little time, it could have been written better. I usually love all of Mary B Morrison s books but this one was just plain stupid Two women waiting 10 years for some man that never contacted them and then when he does, they spend all their money to support him The story line was garbage and I m so mad I wasted my money on this book Disappointed in Mary B Morrison.