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Liked this as a kid it did not stand the test of time for me I just reread it on a bus and I appear to have outgrown its ability to entertain me. My wife received this book as a white elephant gift at an holiday office gift swap I ended up getting my own copy because it is a guilty pleasure and a fun read I guess the high drama and silly dialogue helped prepare me for Twilight.I have to add that I love the fact that the compiled stock photos on the cover look nothing like the kids described in the book Bril. As much as I loved the Sweet Dreams romance series, I don t remember liking this one as much as some of the others As with the other Sweet Dreams series that I have reviewed, I can t go into much detail as I haven t read these in almost 30 years But this book centered around a girl and a boy who don t really get along and somewhere along the way fall in love All of the books in this series are really good and I would recommend any of them. Someone posted this on my other GR account and I had a sudden memory jog Everyone has their favorite Sweet Dreams book this was mine There was a copy Home Economics classroom and I remember always sneaking off to read this when I was done cross stitching or cooking or whatever our lesson was for double period that day But while I remember loving this book, I don t remember the story any Halp Can anyone help me track this book down [ E-pub ] ♭ Kiss Me, Creep ♡ Can a boy like Richie creep into Joy s heartEvery girl at Cabrillo High has a crush on Richie Brennan every girl, that is, except Joy Wilder Joy can t stand Richie s smug, conceited attitude or his stupid jokes, most of which are aimed directly at herThe worst jokes are the romantic ones Richie always kids Joy about being madly in love with her But one day she discovers that he s serious than she thought Is Richie really a creep or is he someone Joy can love This was my favorite book in the late 80 s It s story was nothing special..two people who always gave each other a hard time secretly liked the other, but oh how I loved it I lost this book years ago and found it again through a discontinued book seller I was so pleased This book will always hold a special place in my heart AWWWW I read this when I was probably in the 6th grade And awwwww Is this the story where they get stuck in an island somewhere This is where chick flicks are made from, and from all those years ago since i last read this, it still makes me gush Love it Read most of this series whilst in secondary school enjoyed it back then Of course I did read this back when I was in Junior High, so I don t know if I would like it quite as much any I remember thinking it was really funny in parts. One of the memorable booksin the series