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|Read Pdf é Shadow Culture: Psychology and Spirituality in America · A modern Varieties of Religious Experience that traces the sources of the New Age movement through three hundred years of alternative spirituality America is witnessing a third Great Awakening, an explosion of interest in esoteric and mystical religious experience Often referred to as New Age or pop psychology especially by its detractors this new awakening is a profoundly psychological one, stressing the alteration of consciousness, the integration of mind and body, and the connection between physical and mental health Shadow Culture finds the roots of the New Age in the sermons of Jonathan Edwards, the writings of Emerson and Thoreau, and the counterculture of the s It will appeal to anyone interested in the resurgence of spiritualism in America, from New Age seekers to Gnostics, from agnostics to Unitarians, from Swedenborgians to practicing Buddhists This is a fascinating and illuminating history of spiritual and psychological counter culture in the USA Especially relevant for the way it sheds light on the evolving cultural undercurrents that inform our present, deeply divided situation. Shadow Culture, in Taylor s usage, is referring primarily to the folk psychology and spirituality movements in the United States The bulk of the book focuses on the history of these often marginalized and maligned groups while demonstrating their influence on US culture This is a fascinating read for those interested in the spiritual subcultures of the United States. Very interesting overview of culture, in the search for meaning in the self, has evolved toward the new age , as it relates to an alternative approach to religion, psychology, and science.