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( Read Epub ) ì An inconvenient truth Î An Inconvenient Truth Gore s groundbreaking, battle cry of a follow up to the bestselling Earth in the Balance is being published to tie in with a documentary film of the same name Both the book and film were inspired by a series of multimedia presentations on global warming that Gore created and delivers to groups around the world With this book, Gore, who is one of our environmental heroes and a leading expert brings together leading edge research from top scientists around the world photographs, charts, and other illustrations and personal anecdotes and observations to document the fast pace and wide scope of global warming He presents, with alarming clarity and conclusiveness and with humor, too that the fact of global warming is not in question and that its consequences for the world we live in will be disastrous if left unchecked This riveting new book written in an accessible, entertaining style will open the eyes of even the most skeptical. Al Gore is perhaps the best know American politicians that people still respect around the world What he said and wrote in 1992 is not only proven today but we find that he underestimated the severity of the affects on this world In this new book he demonstrates using the most simplistic method of cause and effect that it is used today in 5th and 6 grade classrooms He clearly demonstrates that the only time that our earth has seen this kind of die off we are experiencing today was 65 million years ago And again he explains the difference between normal long term global warming that takes thousand of years, and the fifty to one hundred year time span that we have now Volcanic activity impacts our world for only a few years What he is saying is that most species will not have enough time to move to favorable environments, that krill the base of the ocean food chain are no longer abundant as our ice shelves disappear And conservatives still make fun of him Un bloody believable I really wish I hadn t used the F word so much last week so I could say, I can t F ing believe this and it would have some umpf to it When i see this book i imagine someone grabbing it off the shelf at Borders, paying for it, slipping it into a corn bi product plastic bag, heading out to their car with it happily swinging from their arm as their free hand cracks open another water bottle ugh ugh ugh on the same day Gore was announced to receive is big woopin to do award i read an article in the paper about a woman and her ecologically friendly house She was siting there in her living room that was probably big enough to fit my entire house, talking about all her environmentally friendly products, from the place mats that were made from recycled bags, to the cork floors that were made from tennis shoe scraps found on Nike factory floors, to mahogany wood harvested in parts of the rain forest specifically designated for cutting, to her vintage jewelry so I m getting this picture of these little bloated bellied kids running into the Nike factory after their parents have finished their 15 hour shift and they re on their hands and knees picking up all the little scraps so that they can be bundled up and flown to some other factory that can then glue them all together and then fly it to this woman s house where her kids can walk around bare foot bare food by choice, not necessity on their lovely, recycled cork floor and I m wondering if they had some super strength birds that flew those mahogany boards to her eco lovin abode or if maybe, just maybe she utilized a few resources than would have been necessary if she d stuck with the wood floors that were already in her house Possibly my favorite part of the article was where she congratulated herself on not throwing out her plasma t.v or her stove even though she doesn t cook or watch t.v because she doesn t want to contribute to land fills Perfect don t stop purchasing, just don t throw out what you purchase and certainly don t give it to someone else, because while you may be OK with getting all your meals made by someone else you may want to, at some point, drop something out from that Styrofoam container you got your left overs in and heat them up for breakfast what does all this have to do with Al Gores book well when i see his book, i am reminded of him standing up at the Oscars in front of 50 kazillion light bulbs telling us to change our light bulbs and i think him and her would get along fabulously I think he could take her for a ride in his limo, maybe Mr DiCaprio could follow in his Prius and he could show her where all his mines used to be and how he s changed his ways and they could swap ideas on how to save the world without actually compromising their lifestyles in any way shape of form. The Importance of being InconvenientA good test of truth is to see if an idea opinion economic suggestion is an Inconvenient Truth , especially if it is inconvenient for the speaker If it is not, chances are that the expounder is just playing to his own and his audience s biases Because economic and social phenomena are so forbidding, or at least so seem, and because they yield few hard tests of what exists and what does not, they afford to the individual a luxury not given by physical phenomena Within a considerable range, he is permit ted to believe what he pleases He may hold whatever view of this world he finds most agreeable or otherwise to his taste.Numerous factors contribute to the acceptability of ideas To a very large extent, of course, we associate truth with convenience with what most closely accords with self interest and personal well being or promises best to avoid awkward effort or unwelcome dislocation of life John Kenneth Galbraith, commenting on Conventional Wisdom Earlier Review Not as well compiled as the 2006 Documentary, but still very exhaustive and informative Does get repetitive and preachy at times and is an almost exclusively US oriented book, but inspite of all that this is still a must read for the concerned. I ve just finished reading Al Gore s book on climate change, and I have to say that I was not particularly impressed I hadn t expected a great piece of literature, and I wasn t wrong But I m not going to pick holes Gore s turgid prose style though I do wonder if the text was even looked at by an editor My problem is with Gore s representation of the scientific data on global warming.It s clear that the temperature of the earth has been increasing in recent decades And it s also clear that human activities, in particular the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, have contributed to this increase in temperature It is not entirely clear how much of this change in temperature can be attributed to human activity Gore however, never mentions that natural, non anthropogenic factors may contributing to climate change He leaves the reader with the impression that the increase in global temperature is entirely anthropogenic see pages 66 and 67, for example.This is not the scientific consensus The scientific consensus, as cited in Naomi Oreskes survey study mentioned approvingly by Gore , is Human activities are modifying the concentration of atmospheric constituents that absorb or scatter radiant energy M ost of the observed warming over the last 50 years is likely to have been due to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations So, not all but most climate change is attributable to human causes A substantial portion may well be due to natural causes That s not entirely surprising given that there were substantial shifts in global climate well before the appearance of mammals, let alone Homo sapiens I think this is an important distinction, and one that Gore should not have omitted.Don t get me wrong, I m generally in agreement with taking steps to ameliorate climate change People who buy Porsche SUVs are not especially bright tasteless idiots who drives off the lot with a Cayenne rather than a Boxster Counter climatic air conditioning the thermostat set to Fires of Hell in winter and Everest Base Camp in summer is a massive waste of energy Quite apart from their effects on climate change these types of wasteful energy use offend my sense of frugality, and also result in old fashioned environmental pollution.But I do think that if we are ever to take significant steps toward ending or slowing climate change an honest accounting of the scientific evidence is necessary And I don t think An Inconvenient Truth provides that.Finally, a quick note to Al New Zealand isn t part of Australia can you fix up page 251 in the second edition Thanks.