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[[ Free E-pub ]] ☔ Rolemaster Companion VII ⇡ Rolemaster Companion VII expands the Rolemaster system in new directions with an offering of fresh optional rules, professions, spell lists and campaign additions No other system will provide you with such a wide variety of choices with the Rolemaster Companion line, you can tailor your campaign to be exactly what you want it to be With something for everyone who plays Rolemaster, RMC VII contains material for both gamemasters and players So, brace yourself, gather your resources, and prepare for the challenges of Rolemaster Companion VII Rolemaster Companion VII includes New professions such as the Shadow Mage, Arms Master, Tarotmage, the Witch Hunter, etc New spell lists including lists specifically available for monsters like Vampires and Draqons New monsters and magic items A complete and extremely detailed set of rules for dealing with the tarot deck in a Rolemaster setting New optional rules for martial arts, initiative, exhaustion, Resistance Rolls, spell development, and many other facets of the game