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Kozak s books are always fun with interesting characters, and I do mean characters Sure there are dead bodies and tension but things never get too dark. I enjoyed the characters in this book I like Wollie a lot but I really liked Yuri and the group of people she was working with And the murderer surprised me I didn t want it to be any of them. Want to laugh out loud Harley Jane Kozak and her character, Wollie Shelley, will help you do that Kozak gives Janet Evanovich a run for her money in this fun mystery read I listened to it while hiking, and the narrator, Deanna Hurst is the absolutely the perfect voice of Wollieand the rest of the cast. Fun finale to this small series of mysteries They were definitelyon the frivolous side, but I enjoyed the heroine so much and found her so relatable, I just had to keep picking up the next book in line. ( BOOK ) ♠ A Date You Can't Refuse ♍ Serial dater and greeting card artist Wollie Shelley goes undercover in a media training company suspected of video piracy, but when a dead body appears on the company s property, she s caught up in a conspiracy that goes way beyond some stolen DVDsWollie Shelley isn t happy about taking the job as a social coach at MediaRex, but the FBI makes her an offer she can t refuse If she agrees to infiltrate the company, they ll guarantee that her schizophrenic brother will have a home at the federally subsidized halfway house he s come to love So Wollie launches into teaching three foreign celebrities how to cope with the customs of Beverly Hills, improve their English, and become Oprah ready And when a coyote chewed corpse appears in the MediaRex compound, Wollie realizes that her colleagues are concealing some serious secrets of their own I love this series I hope this isn t the last one My favorite so far of the Wollie mysteries A cast of strange characters from Eastern Europe and several subplots keep the story lively. Couldn t wait for this one to be released It telegraphed a bitthan the other two books with a nice, neat little twist on the end. Fantastic The BEST yet I ve enjoyed all four of her books, and leading up to this one what a surprise GREAT fun read A fun, lighthearted read I ll be readingWollie Shelley mysteries.