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!READ KINDLE ♞ Borderlands: Riding the Edge of America ⚖ The periphery of a place can tell us a great deal about its heartland along the edge of a nation's territory, its real prejudices, fears and obsessionsbut also its virtuesirrepressibly bubble up as its people confront the 'other' whom they admire, or fear, or hold in contempt, and know little about September changed the United States utterly and nothing so than the physical reality, the perceptionand the meaningof its bordersfrom Borderlands Derek Lundy turns sixty at the end of a year in which three good friends have died He feels the need to do something radical, and sets out on his motorcyclea Kawasaki KLRcc singlecylinder thumper, which he describes as unpretentious and also buttugly Fascinated by the United States' post passion for security, particularly on its two international borders, he chooses to investigate He takes a firsthand look at both borders The USMexican borderlands, often disorderly and violent, operate according to their own ad hoc system of rules and conventions, and are distinct in many ways from the two countries the border divides When security trumps trade, the economic wellbeing of both countries is threatened, and the upside is difficult to determine American policy makers think the issues of drugs and illegals are ample reason to keep building fences to keep Mexicans out, even with no evidence that fences work or are anything but cruel Mexicans' cheap labour keeps the wheels turning in the US economy yet they are resented for trying to get into the country illegally or legally More people have died trying to cross this border than in theattacks At almost , kilometres, the US border with Canada is the longest in the world The northern border divides the planet's two biggest trading partners, and that relationship demands the fast, easy flow of goods and services in both directions Since the events of , however, the United States has slowly and steadily choked the flux of trade: justintime parts shipments are in jeopardy; trucks must wait for inspection and clearance; people must be questioned The border is thickening In prose that is compelling, impressive and at times frightening, Derek Lundy's incredible journey is illuminating enough to change minds, as great writing can sometimes do What a trip! Derek can write, but as with some of his other books he tends to try and emulate other writers, as with this book I think he was trying to do the Zen and the Art of Mororcycle Maintenance though with less Zen I was surpised in his travels on the border with Manitoba/North Dakota he did not mention the one item that I feel really defines the border, and that is the dozen or so Nuclear Missle silos within 20 km of the border In the USA of course, there are none in Canada How could you miss mentioning that??? I enjoyed the travel sectionsthan the history sections. Too much history, too little anecdotal story. This is exactly what you would expect from a travel narrative written by a guy riding a motorcycle Lundy is a fantastic rider Anyone that rides will understand some of Lundy’s insight and feelings about being on the road Lundy has by far the best description of the feeling of riding that can be put into words, “The abandonment of constraint” Could not have put it better myself As I read through the text I felt like I really got to know Lundy, he does a fantastic job of reporting on what he witnesses as well as relating what he feels The descriptions of the two borders is down right terrifying What are we, as Americans, trying to accomplish with our over fueled borders? The unconstitutional nature of the border patrol’s actions are insane and addressed in this book I happen to live close to the San Diego Mexico border and let me tell you as someone who is just driving home from a friend’s house, or headed out to the desert for some camping, I do not appreciate long checkpoint lines and being interrogated without probable cause It was interesting to me to see what a Canadian, aka a nonAmerican, looks in and sees when they analyze these two border situations The one thing I have to say about Lundy though, he makes some questionable mistakes and decisions while riding but I guess the point is he makes it home in the end And he does admit how ugly his motorcycle is so there’s no denial in the writing All in all, this is a fantastic read Good insight into the political nature of some individuals and great descriptions of the open road cage free The book is incredibly honest.