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~READ EPUB ⚖ Life After Wifey (Wifey Series, #3) ♄ Nikki is in possession of a lot of chilling information that could not only shed light on some unanswered questions, but could also put a lot of dangerous people behind bars for life including her new boyfriend, Syncere, from New Jersey Well aware that she is sleeping with the enemy, Nikki knows she must step up her game and take some precautionary measures to protect herself if she plans to seek out Kira s shooter What better place to start on her journey than with the man she shares her bed with In Life After Wifey, Nikki is going to put herseld in some very compromising situations but through it all, she knows that she must never implicate herself and Kira in the plans that ended Ricky and Russell s lives Nikki must suit up with everything Kira has ever taught her about the streets and then prepare for the worst I recommend the entire wifey series Kiki is the baddest female author from the DMV I read this book years ago, the entire series and I still love this book Classic I love her books AWESOME book This book was a page turner, i read it on 2 days, becuase thats how good it was This book is about choices and how you want to live your life This book teaches you that you have to stand up for your self and don t let any one tell you what to do and abuse you Nikki finally faced Syncere and did what she felt like doing which was to find the person that killed Kira and she kinf of felt like it was syncere who had part of it but he didnt so she wanted to have her revenge on who ever did it Nikki went through sooooo much, she was at risk of getting killed, she had to help Syncere with his problems, she was trying to get over the death of her cousin Kira, no one at her job liked her any so she barely had any friends ecxept fot Q She does cheat on Syncere but she didn t really care any about him, because she saw that he didn t treat her the was he was supposed to so she just didn t care any , and didn t waste ehr time on him any I recommend this book to people that like to read about drama, and teenage adults problems that we face daily, and how we should over come them. Ethel w o Lucy is the way to describe this series part III This book was very good , I have read the other two books in the series This one topped both of them in my opinion The ending of the book is surprising and very sad This book is mostly about the main character Kira s cousin Nicki trying to figure out who kills her cousin Kira She is dating a man name syncere which she is in love with or so she thought she was until later on in the relationship she starts to notice how much of a physco he is She also starts to think that maybe he has something to do with her cousin being killed Everyone that Nicki comes in contact with start to die like flies She doesn t know what to do The most important person to her has died and she feels like she is next and has no where to run This book has a lot of drama and suspense It will have you not wanting to put this book down it is GREAT I would recommend this book to someone who likes to read urban books , young adults and people who like to read books with crazy drama I would not recommend this book to anyone not in high school FACT The people that kill Kira will be found and pay for what they have done but it will be a bloodbath trying to figure out who does it Ugh, I don t like that Nikki Everyone seemed to die EXCEPT her She didn t get shot or anything She is just too naive, stupid, greedy, jealous, and back stabbing for me She seemed to want to BE Kira and was on a total power trip She really works on my nerves and her time should have been up This book was focused on her and her capricious boyfriend Syncere and it is aggravating to read a novel and dislike the main characters so much This book was good but not great like the first two parts in my opinion It just wasn t the same without Kira on every page Although certain parts of this book were unrealistic and predictable, the new twists that Kiki Swinson had in store for us were shockingly great and I loved each one This installment wasn t nearly as ghetto as the first two which is a HUGE improvement Another difference between these novels is that this one seemed rushed, especially at the end It came to a close VERY abruptly, without many details, and she wrapped the ending up in like one paragraph while of course leaving it open for a part 4 I will keep reading this series just to find out if Nikki finally gets what is indeed coming to her Life After Wifey focuses on the supporting characters from books 1 2 in the Wifey series Kira is presumed dead Nikki, her grieving cousin, vows to avenge her death, but she has to stay alive herself, because Syncere is not the loving, supportive, boyfriend she thought he was.Can t hold water Rhonda, is pulled into the action after she volunteers to help Nikki clean out Kira s apartment While they are there, they find Kira s diary Curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to read the diary Rhonda find out some information, that Nikki already knows about, and she is sworn to secrecy Well, she blabs to her sorrow boyfriend Tony They devise a plan to get Nikki out of the shop that was currently co owned by Kira and Rhonda.Some bad karma falls upon Syncere, and Nikki is forced to work with his partner Quincy, Kira s ex After a night of drinking, Quincy opens up and shares some information about Syncere with Nikki After an impromptu visit with Quincy, Nikki realizes just how much in danger she is in Sounds really good.NOT This book dragged on The majority of the book was very boring Nikki was a character that I felt absolutely nothing for Everyone she came in contact with was harmed in some kind of way, and she came out with not even a scratch I m not sure if I want to finish the series Hopefully with the return of a surprise character, the next book will have some redeeming qualities. I really liked that Kiki Swinson writing style definitely improved for the better in this novel It came off a little rushed towards the end of the novel With the slaying of Sunshine, Rhonda and the other guy Kira reentering to the end was a little choppy as well But the entire story line is interesting and I keep reading to find out what s going to happen next I was a little disappointed that Nikki s character wasn t developed I thought she would have a stronger character then trying to step in Kira s shoes when she though that she died And even with her cousin gone, she still stayed in her shadow Nikki, should have gotten her own identity in a sense, she just became an extension of Kira, while she was gone From the hair salon, to driving her car and taking most of her stuff to even sleeping with her ex A little on the weak, tacky side Onto Still Wifey Material, let s see how much Nikki actually shows her ass and what would be Kira s reaction to it.