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A book about dogfights I found hard to get into Unfortunately, yes The idea of describing significant air battles throughout the history of aviation in war is a good one, but I found the style a little dry and the editing a bit off, making it a struggle.And why is the chap on the cover not wearing gloves His hands would freeze *READ EBOOK ⇸ Dogfight: True Stories of Dramatic Air Action ⇲ From World War I, where we get a rare insight into the fighter operations over the fields of France, to the incredible Battle of Britain aeronautics, when the bravery of RAF fighter pilots saw off the might of the Luftwaffe, this exciting history places the reader in the cockpit during some of the greatest air battles of modern warfare The horrifying loss of life inflicted on the Soviet Union by Hitler s Blitzkrieg offensive is explored here thanaircraft fell in air to air combat in one day The daring exploits of the US Eighth Air Force in their March ,attack on Berlin highlights the power of fighter planes when supported by bomber crews The jet age is heralded in by accounts of the air force s role in the Vietnam War and the Falklands The role of reconnaissance aircraft in modern warfare is described alongside the precision of attacking pinpoint targets during the Gulf War in Iraq This book not only uncovers how the tactics of aerial warfare have changed through each major modern conflict, but also allows the reader to feel like they were there in the skies, alongside these incredible pilots