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To those of you who gave this book a bad rating I d like to give you all the middle finger Seriously there was nothing whiny and boring about this book I ve heard way worse Chyna is just telling her story of how she fight to be where she is today Everyone has to do that Chyna didn t whine or complain about it She sucked it up and did what she had to do Sometimes she would even get frustrated and put up a fight which I don t blame her for doing Although I disagree with some things she did such as getting plastic surgery and posing for playboy she s still a great role model She s an example that not all women are sex toys or girls who make men s food in the kitchen We re just as strong and tough as they are I really enjoyed this book and it deserves better reviews than what it has been given so far. My ex was hugely into WWE and consequently bought every wrestling autobiography most are ghostwritten, and this one was no exception available I picked this one up mostly because I wanted to see what the wrestling world was like from a female perspective It was trainwreck ish in the way that most celebrity biographies are, except on steroids. I never would have read this book if a friend hadn t loaned it to me, thinking I might like it She was right this is an entertaining telling of an unconventional life She was one of the first women to wrestle against men professionally, and there s a lot about the struggle to get there in the book, but for me the gripping parts were when she discussed her complex feelings towards her body So much of the book is about her struggling to achieve peace with herself, with her physical form She laughs a lot of this off, as she does with her abusive upbringing and teenage sexual victimization This is a book about a messy, self deprecating, physically unusual woman striving to deal with her trauma If you replaced the WWF with Little, Brown, it could be your typical New York writer memoir I m glad it isn t.And I mean, how can you not love someone who had custom made breast implants named after her Queen. Alot of people say it doesn t have the substance to it that The Rock or Mankinds books did and in a way they are right It does seem to rely a little heavily on pictures and the flow of the book is a bit offit jumps around a bit and can feel like a collection of articles on Chyna s life then an autobiography However considering what this woman has gone through in her lifetime she approaches the subject matter with touching warmth and good humor It s also a very honest look at tough subjects like family estrangement,plastic surgery,traumatic abusive events,and whats its like to be a woman trying to make it in a mans world. [ FREE PDF ] ♒ If They Only Knew ⚖ Part feminist, part superhero, Chyna has blazed a trail where no woman had gone before She has gained the respect of the men inside the World Wrestling Federation, and the world at large She was the first woman to wear the Intercontinental Championship belt, yet these were not her most significant battles.She has battled her entire life against a controlling mother against a scheming father and against a world with a predetermined view of what beauty and success should be She has battled and won her entire life.If they only knew offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the World Wrestling Federation, and a rarer glimpse of what it takes just to get there the hurdles that must be overcome and the broken hearts and broken body parts that are suffered along the way.Chyna a.k.a Joanie Laurer lets us in what it s like to live your dream and overcome your nightmares Complete with insights from other WWF Superstars, this is a must read for any fan of the WWF and for anyone who wants to see how a real life hero overcame adversity. I enjoyed reading about Chyna aka Joanie Laurer s rise to fame and stardom The photo s were awesome I loved and miss Chyna so much. I can t imagine a worse book being written at any point ever On the plus side, it was great to see Joanie emerge back to prominence on Celebrity Rehab. I read this book when it first came out when I was 13 I think it took me about a day to read it and I read it multiple times after that Chyna has always been my favorite wrestler I recently read it again after her passing and still enjoyed it as much as I did back then It s a good read if you want to learn about her. In the world of professional wrestling, women aren t unusual But where they do exist, they tend to be restricted to supporting roles where their main job is to look pretty and little else and on the rare occasion they do get to wrestle, they re often restricted to wrestling other women Even in mixed wrestling bouts, it s far common to see both women in the ring together than any actual mixed wrestling.But as with anything, it only takes one person to change attitudes and in the case of women in wrestling, that person was Joanie Laurer, better known to WWE fans as Chyna She was the first female wrestler to win one of the main titles and the first to really compete with the men as equals, even if she did frequently win by hitting them below the belt.Chyna leads us through her life from her very early days of living with her mother s frequent changes of husband and boyfriend and some even swifter mood swings We hear how her mostly absent father was always her main cheerleader, whilst being at best unreliable and at worst a schemer taking out loans in her name and setting up all sorts of projects that usually failed horribly and finally, making money out of her name despite not having seen her for years.Unusually for such books on wrestlers, there s a fairly even split between Chyna s life outside the ring and her life inside the ring She s been through quite an emotional time, with her parents letting her down and it seems that, at the time parts of the book were written, she was having some trouble with her boyfriend at the time, wrestler Triple H, which has coloured the tone of the book rather a lot.Indeed, the tone of the book is quite dark Although she wasn t abused as in many of the books around at the moment, she has been through family break ups and bad relationships She had tried and failed at any number of things before getting her break and finally, having worked very hard to be a minor success, a serious car accident robbed her of that chance as well After a series of life events like this, it s difficult not to be bitter and Chyna doesn t quite manage to disguise that she is.It seems that WWE was about the only completely positive influence in Chyna s life, so in the sections where she s talking about that, she does sound a lot upbeat Even here, though, she starts on a downbeat note as she struggles against the deeply ingrained attitudes of many of the wrestlers she had to work with It is only when she starts being accepted and starts being successful that the tone lightens and we get to see a happier side of Chyna.This gives Chyna s story a different tone and a different perspective to many wrestling biographies around The focus she gives her life before wrestling takes a much greater stage than her life in the ring Admittedly, in terms of the amount of time spent, her wrestling career has been a relatively short part of her life and if she was just talking about that, this would be a very short book indeed However, most of the wrestlers who have written books have tended to skip over their lives somewhat and give the wrestling fans what they want, which are generally stories from the locker room and from back stage Chyna takes things from a different perspective and seems determined that this will be the story of her whole life, not just her wrestling career.The tone of the book makes it a little uncomfortable than other wrestling biographies as well The way she tells it, Chyna s life seems to have lurched between disaster and disappointment, with only very few glimpses of enjoyment in the middle Most of the wrestling biographies I ve read have been completely the opposite, with the wrestlers talking about how great it is to be in the sport More often than not, the worst thing that has ever happened to them is a wrestling injury, or having to slum it in cheap hotels or worse when they were coming through the ranks, paying their dues and trying to get a break.Whilst I did find this new perspective and this new tone quite refreshing after reading several wrestling biographies of the other type, this does make If They Only Knew quite a tough read by comparison Chyna s anger and bitterness frequently comes through and it makes reading her story slightly uncomfortable at times This isn t a book you can sit down and really enjoy, as the tone is a little like a growling dog you can never really relax for fear that it could turn around and bite you at any moment.This is now quite an old book and Chyna has been gone from the WWE for some time now does make the storylines she mentions from her time there seem very dated to the up to date fan, If you were ever a fan in the past, or fancy reading a wrestling biography that offers something just a little different from the usual I beat this guy to win the belt , it s well worth a look at those prices. So far out of all the wrestling autobiographies I have read so far this is one that stands out to me than any of the others Maybe it is since I feel like I can relate to what Chyna had to go through as a kid and a woman in a specific decade, maybe since it is a story of a tortured soul who instead of giving into the fight chose to press forward or maybe since she was an who still is defied to this day by those who should have been proud of her accomplishments The writing may not have been the best but it was clear Chyna sounding She was frank and although her story kind of had some rabbit tracks going on it did normally come back to the topic at hand before the chapter ended And she kept a positive voice throughout it all, which I respect, especially when she was like yep I had it bad but I know there are those who have it worst Like other WWE books, there were plenty of black and white photos capturing moments and people in her life The captions for these were mostly in the back although the majority of her wrestling pictures of the same grouping weren t captioned At the same time in the middle of the book was a collection of colored photos, which were also captioned All in all for those who like WWE, the female wrestlers, sports history or Chyna this is one book that I would totally recommend The woman was amazing and even though the book doesn t cover her sad decline and eventual passing it will truly open your eyes to what it was like to be a muscular woman in a man s worldl of sports.