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Good reading at the beginning of the year about Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Recoveryit s not only about High Performance, butimportantly about sustainable high performance. #DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⛏ Sink, Float, or Swim í This book is about helping leaders increase their response ability ability to respond to high demands and their perform ability ability to perform at their potential In the business world there are sinkers, floaters, and swimmers This book offers pragmatic and proven strategies to help individuals, teams, and organizations become sustainable high performers swimmers and achieve their full potential Full of advice and reflective questions. Sound advice, but it was like a 300 pg ad for Tignum Would have likedconcrete applications. Good idea, badly written and self promoting book Not really different than any other how to be successful book. The ideas in the book are certainly great It was fairly redundant, however, and didn t flow that well Again, stellar ideas, I got a lot out of it, I just wish it were a bit better written. The book takes a holistic approach in addressing how to make long long term performance sustainable Beyond the flagrant self promotion, it makes good points around day to day work habits which now seem somewhat unreasonable expecting excellent performance yet disregarding drinking, eating or preparing in between and for meetings. ick The director of our department bought this for the department I have a rule any book I start, I must finish no matter how much I hate it.This was hard I mean, who ends chapters with bullet lists BUT DOESN T USE BULLETS Just no.