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.Download Pdf ☿ Solutions ♺ Storm and Flame learn a few truths about themselves Stormdragon and Flamespirit have shouldered the responsibility of being Chiefs of their own Dragon Fenyx clan, but with that responsibility comes the need to make decisions Some are easier than others, like the decision to let the Bondmates and Four Winds people become part of their clan Some decisions are harder to make, like the one regarding the former outlaw, Darksky and his bratty swordbrother, Lakesinger But those decisions can provide some needed solutions to other problems Darksky has a cave system that could house the entire clan during Storm Season which is coming early this year Add to that the need to locate and rescue Oasis and the two Immortal s have a lot of things to find solution for A world of Dragonhope novellaGenre Yaoi GLBT m m scifantasy