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In the wake of M R James there arose a curious cottage industry ghost stories penned by serious Edwardian and Georgian gents, often academics or clergymen, who felt impelled to emulate the master Men it was largely men who under normal circumstances would never have dreamed of rushing into print, except perhaps with an academic treatise or a village history, and who would certainly have abhorred the popular press, but whose imaginations had been obscurely moved by James s haunted and haunting tales tales which maintained their gentlemanly composure even when supernatural fear clawed at the discreet fabric of reality and which, despite their disturbing undercurrents, could be passed off as scholarly trifles for a select audience, tales for a winter night before the College fire.I had thought that I knew most of these ghostly dilettantes, but I recently discovered another Sir Arthur Gray Ingulphus He is in many ways the quintessential James disciple His Cambridge University tales take James s academic and bibliographic obsessions to the extreme He has none of James s strange genius, and the tales are hardly scary the scares in the first tale, prior to the conclusion, are so well concealed as to be easily missed And the collection seems to have been deliberately titled to scare off general readers But if you like your ghost stories dry like a good martini then these are for you. This piqued my interest as it is by a contemporary of M.R James at Cambridge Arthur Gray was Master of Jesus College Cambridge from 1912 40 It is very much in the vein of James too, except with a even university centric focus To be honest the writing is not up to the standard of M.R James s short stories, notably lacking in the characters and brooding atmosphere of James s work However, there are some nice ideas I particularly enjoyed The True History of Anthony Ffryar and enough interesting insights into the history of Jesus College to keep James fans happy and they could do a lot worse than giving Arthur Gray a try. |Free Book ♴ Tedious Brief Tales of Granta and Gramarye by "Ingulphus" ⚔ CLASSIC EARLY HORROR IN THE STYLE OF MR JAMES BY A FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE This Society consisteth of seven Everlastings, who may be Corporeal or Incorporeal, as Destiny shall determine So dictates the first rule of The Everlasting Club, the ghastly and debauched history of which is faithfully recorded herein Assembled alongside are further narratives of supernatural misadventure and menace, including the curious tale of the death of mathematician Thomas Allen, possible necromancer, definite murder victim the story of the final days of alchemist Anthony Fryar, discoverer of the Magisterium the master cure for all human ailments , but sadly not soon enough and Matthew Makepeace s cautionary tale of unforeseen regret wrought from the dark art of soul transference These andghoulish, macabre classics are reproduced as originally presented in 1919, in this deliciously dark collection.Stunning, digitally re mastered illustrations Ingulphus was the pseudonym of Arthur Gray 1852 1940 , Master of Jesus College, Cambridge from 1912 40 It is this location that acts as the setting for the series of stories originally written for magazines and then collected as Tedious Brief Tales of Granta and Gramarye.A contemporary of M.R James, Gray wrote these stories in similar style as a compliment to the King s College Provost With digitally remastered illustrations and a completely re set text, Oleander s reproduction of this long lost and much sought after collection of ghost stories is bound to delight lovers of this classic style of supernatural literature.OTHER RARE, CLASSIC HORROR LITERATURE FROM OLEANDER RANDALLS ROUND by Eleanor Scott Cut Paste 9780900891953 to search THE HOLE OF THE PIT by Adrian Ross Cut Paste 9780900891861 to search STONEGROUND GHOST TALES by EG Swain Cut Paste 9780906672433 to search