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A dark novella about a younger woman journalist and her affair with a powerful, masculine coworker There is such a fire emitting from the female protagonist that confuses all the hierarchies in the book Would love to reread 9 I desperately wanted to like this book as it is my first reading of Bessie Head, and I've had so many good experiences from the African Writers Series But I didn't!The main character is sold by her affluent mother at birth to a childless couple who live in an inner city slum We witness her childhood (which is the most interesting part of the book as we see how she begins to learn how to read and write), and her eventual employment by a local newspaper This is where my interest waned I found her love interest annoying and I was unconvinced by their attraction to each other I also found the dialogue jilted.The main themes of the book are the immorality act of 1957 in South Africa which prohibited immoral or indecent acts (sexual contact) between whites and people of colour, and incest (incest is the second theme not also covered by the act!) I think Head was trying to make a statement about how you can't prohibit love/sex between consenting adults But honestly, I'm having trouble joining the two together, despite reading as much about the book as I can We also see how black women under apartheid/colonialism suffer a double yoke of oppression both due to their ethnicity and gender Getting a lot of intersectional feminism vibes from the novella. A moving story set in apartheid South Africa Mouse, a young shy woman who never knew her real parents and does not know how to love and be loved is pursued by her colleague journalist, Johnny Johnny has had several amorous affairs but falls in love with Mouse and proceeds to teach her to love him through brutal methods With several references to South Africa's laws against interracial relationships, these two, though both black, are committing a bigger taboo though they'll never know.The Cardinals was published posthumously It's my fourth Bessie Head book but the first time I've read her work before her exile in Botswana Her writing is powerful Her narration, brilliant She writes biting political critique and social commentary And through her character Johnny she subverts the system and its rules through words and deed One is left to wonder how far Bessie would've gone with her writing against apartheid if she had stayed in South Africa The book also includes a few short stories Altogether, I think this is now my favourite Bessie book. Leider wurde ich mit Sternenwende so gar nicht warm Die Gefühlswelt der Protagonisten war mir unverständlich, der Klappentext nahm zuviel von der Handlung vorweg und wenn ich im Nachwort dieser Ausgabe lese, dass es sich bei der Beziehung von Johnny und Mouse um Bessie Heads Idealvorstellung der Liebe und gleichberechtigten Partnerschaft handelt, frage ich mich, was ich überlesen habe Für mich war Johnny ein Mann, der zwar eine intellektuell ebenbürtige Frau will, diese sich aber bitteschön unterzuordnen weiß und tun soll, was der Pascha sagt, wenn ihm danach ist Das ging gar nicht und es war stellenweise echt schwierig, das Buch nicht einfach wegzulegen Dass die vom Klappentext suggerierte Pointe auch nie offiziell aufgelöst wurde in der Handlung nun ja, das hat mir auf der letzten Seite dann den Rest gegeben My heart was literally beating as I was reading this Not from fear but from suspense and how I couldn't believe what I was reading This novel is an enigma Worth a read. Los relatos cortos se hacen un tanto confusos, no he conseguido leer ninguno al completo En cuanto a The Cardinals, aunque es medianamente interesante, la historia termina estancándose un tanto. Though small, this book is one that needs to be read carefully in order to be digested fully. Bessie Head’s The Cardinals explores how love—when laced with inventions of race, nation, and family—constructs a fragmented self that cannot function in apartheid South Africa As a colored woman, Mouse, a character that is named only by others, is marked by multiple displacements: she is unable to place herself spatially, nationally, racially or genealogically However, when she finds love, one that mutates into sex and hints at incest, her dispossession within South Africa is complete But it is the possibility of a transcendental love affair that dismantle the inherent binaries constructed within nation, family and race While the book is short, it produces great insight into the complications of love in fragmented South Africa This was my introduction to postcolonial fiction, and I loved it. Gradually Bessie Head is becoming my most read author It all started after the Writers Project of Ghana held its twitter discussion on her book A Question of Power I had earlier read the book (and two others: A Woman Alone and Maru), even before it was chosen and had had it reviewed on this blog However, the discussion got me thinking about that woman, her beautiful spirit, her audacious writings, and her sense of humour even in the midst of dire adversity Thus, I picked three of her books, including Tales of Tenderness and Power and When Rain Clouds Gather.The Cardinals with Meditations and Short Stories (1993; 141) contains a novella and seven short stories and meditations It is a story about the effects of racial discrimination and how it breaks down families and flings their members about to the ways of the storms of life In The Cardinals, set in South Africa, not only are the lives of the natives battered by poverty and destroyed by lack, politics, and racial discrimination and abuse, but even within the blacks there is a class system continue from here `Book ⇵ The Cardinals (African Writers Series) ⇥ Mouse lacks love and family, but lives for books A newspaper job opens her eyes to real life Johnny, a timeworn journalist, offers love and shelter, but at the price of losing her naive view of society Can she accept that apartheid rules, and form her own loveless history?