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{Read} ⚾ Glory, Passion, and Principle: The Story of Eight Remarkable Women at the Core of the American Revolution ⚝ Much has been written of the brave deeds, acts of heroism, and intellectual prowess of the men who drafted the Declaration of Independence over two hundred years ago, yet almost no attention has been paid to the extraordinary women of that time women who helped found our nation with courage, sacrifice, and intellect equal to any of the famed male politicians ofGlory, Passion, and Principle tells the story of eight incredible women, each deprived of formal education, world travel, or equal status, and yet all managed to flourish against incredible odds Whether advising such men as John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin on political theory publishing poems and plays that would rouse a nation to independent furor helping negotiate treaties acting as spies or fighting alongside men in the military these women broke the limiting definitions imposed upon them, much as America was doing for itself, and helped form and found the country that is America today Each chapter is dedicated to a different woman, starting with Abigail Adams, political confidante and wife of John Adams Using her intellect to influence her husband s position in the Continental Congress, she earned the distinction of being the only person to put Thomas Jefferson in his place Nancy Ward, the brave and diplomatic leader of the Cherokee tribe, matured from a young widow to bold warrior, risking her life and those of her people when she warned the Patriots of imminent attack by Native American tribes She became a strong voice when the Treaty of Hopewell was signed in Yet another bright light was Sybil Ludington, a seventeen year old who took it upon herself to alert her town s militia that the British were coming, and survived a ride twice as long as Paul Revere s And where Revere got caught, Ludington did not Alongside Ludington, Adams, and Ward, the five other chapters chronicle the lives of Deborah Sampson, Lydia Darragh, Mercy Otis Warren, Phillis Wheatley, and Molly Hays Filled with unimaginable heartbreak, personal sacrifice, and cunning survival skills, Glory, Passion, and Principle is an inspiring testament to the women who undoubtedly made a considerable dent in our great nation s history