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In this story a young Chinese boy helps his father to count an inventory of treasure by creating a counting frame the predecessor of the abacus Additional information about the abacus and craft instructions on how to make your own are included after the story. The peasant and his young son now live in the warlord s palace, but the father has been tasked with counting the warlord s vast treasure Worried that they keep losing count spurs his son, Chuan, to invent the first abacus The Author s Note describes the first documented use of the abacus in 14th century China and includes directions for making your own abacus. This was a good one to read aloud and talk about overcoming distractions perfect for my focus challenged 8yo The end notes were pretty flimsy and could be much improved But there was a craft idea included that could be really great for building math skills. This book was better than the first and illustrated the usefulness of an abacus brilliantly Another engaging and entertaining living math book Disappointed that there had to be so much conflict and rude behavior in some of the characters The discovery invention of using beads to count and add, and the suggested activity in the back are nice, but the story isn t great. Math elements in the book. A great fable of how a young boys helped his father count the warlord s loot and in the process invented the abacus.Really great illustrations. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Abacus Boy is now named Moved to castle as a result of solving previous puzzle Then new conflict is mentioned father having a hard time counting on his own and remembering what number he is on.Math included Grouping, first using fingers and toes for hundreds and tens Then needed something that didn t move Starts using beads, but has three places hundreds, tens, and ones Introduces abacus at the end. `Free E-pub ⇬ The Warlord's Beads ⇺ Clever Chuan devises a simple way for his father to quickly and accurately count all the warlordis treasure