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^DOWNLOAD PDF ⇸ Youth Double Wing: A Winning Youth Football Offense ✒ The modern double wing offense is the pinnacle of power and misdirection football This book covers how to implement it, coach it, and utilize it with a variety of youth football teams The system as been field tested for over ten years by not only the author but from coaches around the country who sing its praise The system is simple, efficient, and effective while teaching the core fundamentals of football The author has taken Don Markham s, inventor of the modern double wing, core principles and made them effective for any age group in youth football See what some well known double wing coaches are saying about this book Every youth coach needs to read this book, whether you run Double Wing or not this is a must read in understanding the most dynamic offense in Youth Football With the depth and teaching of the system it will become obvious why so many people are winning with the Jack Gregory DW There is no doubt in my mind that Jack Gregory s Double Wing is the best design for Youth Football Jason Mensing Head Football Coach, Tecumseh High School, MI Jack Gregory has done an unbelievable job once again spreading his knowledge and experience on the double wing In running this offense foryears and speaking across the country, there is few people I have met who have a grasp on the offense like Jack It is only equaled by his clear and concise way of articulating and teaching the offense to players and coaches of all levels This book is a must read for any coach interested in or running the double wingTim Murphy Head Football Coach, Clovis East High School Clovis, CA Youth Double Wing by Jack Gregory is a must read for any new or experienced football coach, from youth all the way up to high school It s detailed, creative and easy to understand I based my offense on Jack s DW system three years ago and it helped catapult me to thePop Warner National Championships Tony AkersNational Championship Finalist Santa Margarita Pop Warner What an awesome opportunity for youth football coaches seeking to learn the core aspects of one of the foremost power offenses in the game To be able to sit at the feet of one of youth football s most respected coach advisors and be systematically lead through the principles, philosophy and concepts that makes this offense the force that it is known to be is truly a privilege Following Jack s teachings and principles has enabled my DW teams to make it to the National Pop Warner Super bowl games two of the last three years, and even win the National ChampionshipAs such, I am very pleased to recommend this book as it s just like the offense that it teaches Well structured, yet Systematic and Powerful Christopher AustinLos Alamitos Pop WarnerPop Warner National ChampionI ve looked at a lot of youth football coaching materials over the years You will not find a complete, out of the box system anywhere Coach Gregory s system has proven successful for teams with players as young asyears through the High School level There is one thing that teams who run Gregory s system have in common they WIN football games I have run Jack s system sinceand have enjoyed tremendous success This isn t just a book of X s O s Coach Gregory goes into great detail in explaining not just what to do, but there is great focus on the hows, whens, and whys I promise that this book will not just make your team better, it will make you a better coach as well In my opinion, there s not a better system out there If there were, I d be using it Kenny Mead Head CoachEast Lake Youth Football Tampa, FloridaFenton High School Football JV Fenton, MichiganFenton Youth Football Fenton, Michigan