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The must have book for anybody who is interested in either the Gallowglass or Irish history between the Norman invasion and the Battle of Kinsale.Readable and at the same time detailed complete with excellent illustrations. (((E-PUB))) ↟ Galloglass 1250–1600: Gaelic Mercenary Warrior ☚ Galloglass, from the Gaelic gallglaigh for young foreign warriors , were mercenaries from the Western Isles of Scotland who fought in the retinues of Irish magnates from the mid th century until the early th century Without question, galloglass are among the most visually impressive warriors of all time they were sketched by Albrecht Drer, were mentioned by Shakespeare, and were discussed with awe and amazement in the correspondence of all the leading Elizabethan soldiers who served in Ireland Thousands fought in Ireland, and yet so far there has been only one detailed account of the galloglass, and this work concentrates on the clan and family structures of the galloglass, and not their experience as warriors This book provides the first detailed military history of these fearsome warriors Surprisingly interesting with sone well detailed accounts Useful reference for medieval warfare and mercs. I read this to find outabout my possible Sweeney lineage The MacSweeneys were certainly a major part of this portrayal of the gallowglass. Interesting history and look into the origin of several family names.