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Sakamichi no Apollon is such a feelgood manga!I stumbled upon it while browsing the long list of josei manga back at Mangafox and something about the stark appearance of the protagonist, Nishimi Kaoru, on the first volume's cover convinced me to read a few pages.I was sucked into it, although it doesn't happen much, in these first 192 pages.The young MC moves to his uncle's house, when his father goes to work on yet another ship Kaoru is used to changing schools and friends and that has made him very introvert and anxious, when it comes to face new people He's been playing the piano since he was a little kid the first being a gift from his beloved dad and he's very fond of the instrument.On his first day of school, he meets both the other protagonists of the story: Mukae Ritsuko and Kawabuchi Sentarō.Ritusko, the class president, is an extremely cute, feminine and kind girl who, at the same time, can be determined and tough, when it comes to facing her childhood friend, Sentarō The latter, considered the school thug, is reallyintimidating because of his built, than because of his actual thirst for fights The three students become friends quickly and realize they all have something in common: they enjoy the jazz music.Sentarō is an enthusiastic drummer and Kaoru soons finds himself involved in the guy's daily jazz sessions.I loved this simple, yet cute little story and expect a lot of things to happen to the three main characters, the most important being falling in love and play awesome music.*The art, characters and story all belong to Kodama Yuki. light and fun, esp towards the end i think it would work way better if the romance were between the two guys, though, considering all the blatant homoerotic undertones that are there anyway XD (MAYBE LATER VOLUMES?!?!) Sakamichi No Apollon was the most addictive graphic novel I have ever read! I savored it over and over and bought the animation, which I watched over and over The story was amazing I really cared about the characters, and the ending was very satisfying I exposed everyone in my family to it – husband, children, mother and all felt similarly Ms Yuki Kodama has taken meticulous care in building up human relationships The character development far surpasses most of the graphic and written novels I have been exposed to The Jazz theme adds incredible richness to the plot, and ties all the characters together Although her art style may not be as elaborate as some prefer, it is beautiful in its simplicity and very appropriate for the time period represented Absolutely loved it! [WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS TO MYSELF ughhhh i need to sleep ]This manga reminds me of Nodame Cantabile And I love it.I had mixed feelings for this at the very beginning, but not any Sakamichi No Apollon is a really lighthearted story with highlights of intensity and drama I love following all of the characters, and the jazz element only makes it so much better My only complaint, if any, is that classical music is (slightly) implied to be stiff and pretentious It's all right, though; I need to learn to betolerant of other music genres, like Kaoru He reminded me so much of myself that I felt irritated whenever he said childish things or did something stupid But in the end, it really adds to his character (in a good way). Fun to read after watching the anime, though they are pretty similar really The anime so far hasn’t changed much The characters are pretty likable and relatable and I just appreciate the different setting—it’s not Tokyo! Reading the dialect can be tricky, but it also has its charms.The short story in the back, about a plant person who emerges from a pod in a girl’s apartment and takes up residence there as a sort of pet/love interest, was pretty stupid, though. Had a grand time with this Just youtube Moanin' and continue with the recommendations while reading to follow suit.Important supplement for Murakami readers. It was a good start to the series I picked it up after seeing the anime based on the manga a couple of weeks ago Honestly though, the anime does have the advantage that you can actually hear the music that they play and the music composer of this anime Yoko Kanno, is just so sublime that I felt rather unsatisfied by the read.The art is magnificent though Very artistique and all Watch the anime You'll thank me. After all the volumes:Beautiful Wasn't expecting it to be that good It was I expected it to be longer, but the shorter the merrier. I had a lot of fun! Gonna read vol.2 soon ^FREE PDF ★ 坂道のアポロン 1 ⇮ 恋と友情と音楽。思春期というものは、いつの時代も眩しくて少し苦い。年代後半、地方の町を舞台に、ナイーブ男子とバンカラが繰り広げる直球青春物語。 年初夏、横須賀(よこすか)から地方の高校へ転入した薫(かおる)。幼い頃から転校の繰り返しで、薫にとって学校は苦しいだけの場所になっていた。ところが転入初日、とんでもない男と出会い、薫の高校生活が意外な方向へ変わり始め…!?