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FREE PDF â Flowers for Algernon ⚾ ,, While this is clearly speculative fiction, the point of Flowers for Algernon isn t the technology that lets Charlie become intelligent but rather how people react to him, both before and afterwards, as his perceptions of the world change This is, in part, a sharp rebuke of the way that the mentally retarded are treated, but there are also interesting explorations of identity, friendship, and the results of revisiting one s past There are several wonderfully memorable characters, particularly the free living artist living next door.The journal technique is quite effective in bringing the reader into the story and conveying Charlie s intelligence level, using spelling and grammar as superficial clues and the sophistication of Charlie s observations as a deeper clue to his current intelligence level Over the course of the book, the writing slowly becomes sophisticated, in tune with the underlying thoughts I liked the balance between first person immediacy and thoughtful retrospective that the format of a journal entry at the end of each day or two provides.The reader s growing ability to understand Charlie and Charlie s attempts to understand himself touch on the exploration of alienness and human reactions to it that underpin so many great science fiction stories Highly recommended. I am finding it hard to put into words the vast range of emotions I experienced while reading this tale of hope, perseverance, truth and humanity When it comes to science fiction in general, I would hesitate before declaring myself a fan The books I have enjoyed most from this genre tend to be the softer, humanity focused stories Like this one I m a huge fan of science fiction that doesn t seem too far away something that I could imagine being just around the corner and that s how I felt about Flowers for Algernon This story is about Charlie Gordon who with an IQ of 68 can only hope to sweep the floors at the bakery Well, that is until he is invited to participate in an experiment previously only tested on animals The experiment is an operation that will gradually make him a genius and allow him to become the person he s always longed to be But intelligence comes with a price Charlie learns that the people he s known for years are not what he d always thought Where he once associated laughter with friendship, he soon learns that it is mockery It has been said that intelligence is mostly about having a good memory and Charlie Gordon finds that out the hard way Memories that had been forgotten come flooding back, bringing pain with them.Flowers for Algernon looks at so many different things mental disabilities, human nature, intelligence and love It made me feel sad, angry, frustrated and hopeful It made me shake my head at people s abhorrent behaviour, and it made me incredibly thankful for so many things I know how cliche that sounds but it s true Even though Charlie s intelligence grows to beyond that of a normal human, he is emotionally still very much a child and has to learn the things other people learned long ago He doesn t understand what is happening when his body becomes sexually responsive to a woman and he often doesn t understand why people say one thing but mean something completely different It s a very sad story and it made me think about so many things The ending just about broke my heart.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Heartbreaking and beautiful Required reading, as far as I am concerned. All I knew about this classic when I went into was that it was about a mouse.Clearly I knew nothing.You re watching Charlie, the main character, go through an experimental procedure that increases his IQ The whole book, written in diary entries, let us see how it affects his life and how he struggles through it.I rarely cry while reading a book but I couldn t help myself here.It s a classic for a reason Read it You won t be able to put it down.