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!Download Book ☥ Fado And Other Stories ☲ This collection is filled with narrative and character grounded in the meaning and value the earth gives to human existence In one story, a woman sleeps with the village priest, trying to gain back the land the church took from her family in another, relatives in the Azores fight over a plot of land owned by their expatriate American cousin Even apparently small images are cast in terms of the earth Milton, one narrator explains, has made apples the object of a misunderstanding by naming them as Eden s fruit In the Bible, no fruit is named in the Garden of Eden and to this day apples are misunderstood They were trying to tempt people not into sin but into listening to the earth closely their white meal runs wet with the knowledge of the language of the land, but people do not listen Vaz s beautiful, intensely conscious language often delicately slips her stories into the realm of the fado, the Portuguese song about fate and longing Listen for the nightingale that presses its breast against the thorns of the rose, on character sings, that the song might be beautiful Such a verse might describe Vaz s own motive behind her willingness to confront her subject s ambiguities and her characters conflicts the simultaneous joy and sorrow of some of life s discoveries, the pain sometimes hidden within passion and pleasure Katherine is the queen of short stories I loved this book. I loved Our Lady of the Artichokes, but this collection seemed less magically and beautifully written to me, perhaps because of the similarities to Our Lady Wonderful Loved it Magic realism at its best It read so fast, I found myself wishing there was Magical I loved one of the stories, a few were pretty good, and the rest didn t do it for me Our Lady of the Artichokes was way better. Lovely, lyrical short stories about the Portuguese immigrant experience in the U.S and life in the Azores. I loved this collection of short stories like a box of fine chocolates, or a bottle of really good port just one sip at a time, over a very long period of time, to make it last as long as possible.