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In this charming story by Mem Fox, Harriet is the kind of kid that most people see as a handful In just one day, she knocks over her juice, paints on the carpet and falls off her chair at lunch with the entire tablecloth Harriet doesn't mean to be such a nuisance, and her mother tries to be as patient as possible Things start to change aftermishaps occur as blood pressure starts to rise and her Mother explodes Overall, it is a recommended story involving accidents that led to successfully evoking emotions out of a parent It is a nice read for all families who love each other and just make mistakes along the way. Perhaps some closer parental supervision might have prevented some of the messes described. #DOWNLOAD ¼ Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild! á Harriet doesn't mean to be pesky Sometimes she just is And her mother doesn't mean to lose her temper Sometimes she just does But Harriet and her mother know that even when they do things they wish they hadn't, they still love each other very much Harriet doesn't really mean to drive her mother wild sometimes it just happens. Children do not always purposely behave in a manner that drives adults crazy Parents sometimes (ha!) lose their patience. rating: 3.5I may not have access to the right age child for this book When somewhere around 2 or 3 years old, I think the kids would have been enthralled with the pictures and the story, especially the 'naughty' things that Harriet does and the dynamics between the mother and child. Author: Mem FoxIllustrator: Marla FrazeeFirst published: 2000Her mother didn't like to yell, so instead she said,'Harriet, my darling child Harriet, you'll drive me wild.Harriet, sweetheart, what are we to do?Harriet Harris, I'm talking to you.''I'm sorry,' said Harriet, and she was.A day in the life of a toddler, with a Real Mum She gardens, works on her computer, addresses envelopes And every time Harriet has an accident just like that, Mum gets progressivelyfrustrated.Illustrated with Pencil and transparent drawing inks on Strath paper, hot press finish the book has a classic children's book feel realistic images with a gentle colour palette and identifiable locations (More on Marla Frazee and her books on her website).It's a nice, easy, colourful Real Life story with a good use of repetition and cumulative phrases Harriet always appeals to me, as a Mum, 'cause it's just so true! We've all had days like that you know it was an accident, you know she's only little, but why does it Keep On Happening?!? (Like those days when you tell your three year old oh, just grow up! And wonder if those words really did just come put of your mouth)One of my favourites.Age (taking into account comprehension, concentration, language):Read aloud 3Read yourself 5(ISBN 9780733613128) Harriet is really trying not to misbehave, and her mom is really trying not to get mad at her But sometimes both things happen It's touching to see how both of them are trying hard Mom doesn't like to yell Harriet says she is sorry, and she means it The best part is that they both can be forgiving, with themselves and with the other, and then try again It's a strong point of this story that both, mom and Harriet, have to effort to control themselves, this way parents and kids can relate with the characters The repetition of the phrase just like that helps to see how natural this situation is The illustrations are beautiful, and they really add details to the text of the story being told That's something so important in a picture book, that always involves a reader and a pre reader who follows the story with the help of the images Frazer is a very talented illustrator The illustration that accompanies the There was a terrible silence page is SO good! I shows this second of silence before the big explosion with such a vivid tension! *This review is part of my project Characters with characterCheck outchildren's book reviews in my Reviews in Chalk Blog! I change Harriet's name to my daughter's name It works better that way. The illustrations of this book was very cute and I think the author had a good idea behind it But I guess because I've never really believed in not disciplining your child when they do something wrong Allow them to be a child but if they do something wrong tell them not just pat them on the head and say it's okay; until it builds up (like it did in this book) and you end up yelling at them Then they don't understand why that was wrong but the other stuff wasn't.