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|Read Epub ⚢ Bound by Forever ⚩ Niamh Farren has been burdened by knowledge for most of her life As one of seven fae children born into the human world with the ability to open the gate to Faerie, Niamh’s mission is to guide her fae brethren to do what’s right Because Niamh has seen what will happen to the human world if she does not protect the gate Throughout the years, she’s traveled the world with her brother Ronan, using her psychic visions to find the faeborne and convince them to stay on the path that will keep the gate from opening She has sacrificed much but when she loses her brother to the mission, Niamh begins to lose herselfFor nearly one hundred and fifty years, werewolf Kiyo has wandered the planet as a lost soul Cursed with immortality, he spends his awful eternity as a mercenary for hire When the powerful Fionn Mór confides the truth about the existence of Faerie and hires Kiyo to protect one of the faeborne, he accepts the challenge out of boredom, not heroism Yet Niamh is unexpected in every way the werewolf can possibly imagineGuarding Niamh from her enemies is nowhere near as challenging as protecting the fae woman from herself If Kiyo is to succeed, he must help Niamh find herself again, and not just for her sake Ignoring the fierce connection between them may no longer be an option A new enemy is rising and threatening to rip open the gate between worlds To remind Niamh of who she really is, Kiyo must make the choice to lower his defenses and give into their bond Or safeguard his own heart and in doing so lead the human world to the brink of war 4 STARS Protecting Niamh from her enemies was one thing Protecting her from herself was a far greater challenge I live for a good PNR, and I was hooked on this series the second I readWar of Hearts In this third installment an immortal werewolf is sent to protect a powerful fae with visions of the future from a revenge that may cost her her life I've been anxiously anticipating this story ever since Niamh first made an appearance as a nameless and mysterious secondary character in War of Hearts Her story really came to a head inKiss of Vengeance and I highly recommend that you read this series in order to truly get the full impact and experience You definitely need to at least Kiss of Vengeance in order to fully understand Niamh's plight and the introduction to Kiyo.Now if you love your heroes grumpy and uber protective like me, you will fall head over ovaries for Kiyo the second you meet him When Fionn hires Kiyo to protect Niamh, he's not exactly thrilled A loner by nature and one of the only immortal werewolf in existence, Niyo lives a life of secrecy and no attachments A beautiful but tortured fae that tempts him at every turn is not a complication that he needs in his life So suffice it to say that the two of them clash epically when they first meet But then again, Kiyo does essentially kidnap her to protect her And then she escapes him at every turn to run head first into danger So this is certainly not a recipe for a smooth relationship.The chemistry between them is instant even though the relationship is very a much a delicious slow burn Kiyo fights his connection while Niamh yearns for something I loved her sweet and vulnerable nature in comparison to Kiyo's cold and ruthless one I loved watching him succumbandto their connection and reveal bits and pieces of his past I loved Niahm's mixture of fierce strength and emotional vulnerability These two were like the missing puzzle piece for the other.The story was full of twists and turns with a layer of sizzling slow burn romance that I couldn't get enough of With each new installment in this series another layer gets peeled back and I can't wait until the conclusion with book four Bound by Forever was a wonderful combination of action, suspense, rich world building and swoony romance I can't recommend it enough for any PNR lover out thereARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on: 4.5 stars!Another fantastic read from Samantha Young A fastpaced, exciting paranormal read with great world development, fantastic characters, a whole lot of action and a beautifully emotional love story I devoured this book, and couldn’t get enough!This is the third book in the True Immortality series There is enough background given for you to read this as a standalone, but it contains spoilers for the earlier books in the series And honestly, why would you pick up a paranormal book halfway through a series anyway? So much has already happened, and the first two books are just awesome, and you don’t want to miss out on those! I definitely recommend starting this series from the beginning so that you get the full picture and appreciate it the way it was meant to be read.This is the story of Kiyo and Niamh Both have already been introduced in earlier books, and it’s a bit of a complex backstory so I won’t go into too much detail, but basically Niamh is a fae living in hiding because she’s being chased down by various supernatural factions who either want to kill her or use her almost fathomless powers for nefarious purposes Kiyo is an immortal werewolf who has been hired by Fionn (hero of book, #2, Kiss of Vengeance) to track Niamh down and protect her Kiyo’s immortality makes him a oneofakind werewolf, and he is the only being strong enough for the job (there is a fun free short story Kiss of Eternity which shows us this arrangement being made) Niamh is an incredibly gifted fae whose life has not been easy Reeling from grief, loss and guilt, she has taken it upon herself to become a lone vigilante, meting out justice to bad guys that she sees in visions Her ‘missions’ have her bouncing all over Europe, until Kiyo steps in Kiyo is a lone wolf in every sense of the word He has kept himself attachmentfree, and his cold and ruthless demeanour stops him from getting involved with anybody or anything Looking after a fae is the last thing he wants to do, but he is being paid well do it And, once he meets the beautiful young creature, he is intrigued “I am one of only five beings left in this world with powers beyond anyone’s wildest imagination I’m capable of things you couldn’t conceive of.” She stepped into him, forcing him to hold her gaze “And out of all my incredible gifts, my soft emotions, as you call them, my kindness, my compassion, my live, are my greatest Because without them, I am the darkest, most dangerous being you’ll ever meet.“Be grateful I am who I am, Kiyo For everyone’s sake.” Ooooh, shivers!It’s not a smooth start for them though Immediately distrusting of the werewolf, Niamh battles to get free of Kiyo, and we get this wonderful backandforth as the two powerful immortals battle it out for dominance It’s exciting and dramatic, and parts of it are fun, as they bicker and fight, and they have big hurdles to overcome when it comes to gaining each other’s trust “There is light and dark in all of us, Niamh Sometimes life causes us to let in a littledark than we’re comfortable with But as long as we remember the light exists to chase away the shadows, we’ll be okay.” He glanced at her meaningfully “The dark is our imperfect natures, but without it, we’d never realize how beautiful the light is How beautiful it is as it dances with the shadows.” This book is a lotemotional than I was expecting, and I really enjoyed that aspect of the story Kiyo, who has been alone for so long and has been keeping secrets for centuries, has a lot to learn as he begins to open up for the first time in his life, and Niamh needs to find it in her to trust somebody else to be there for her her It’s a dramatic journey with lots of ups and downs as they figure it all out, but I loved watching it all unfold (especially when Kiyo gest some help from a fellow werewolf that I was thrilled to see again!) “You can’t love someone if they’ve never shown you who they really are … I’ve only ever shown one person who I really am And I’m looking at her right now.” The romance is a slow burn, but so, so worth the wait! As I said, there’s a lot that they have to learn before they can even begin to get involved, but the build up is fantastic, and the chemistry sizzles, so by the time they actually get there, I was almost delirious with happiness (and fanning myself at the hotness) as they finally figured themselves out “I want you,” he repeated and pressed his hand harder against her heart “But I want this too If you can’t give me that, you need to say so now because I can’t take one without the other Not with you.”Her whole body seemed to sag into him “You already have it,” she confessed “I feel like you’ve had it forever.” From Eastern Europe to Scandinavia, Scotland, France, Japan and , it’s a whirlwind journey for Kiyo and Niamh as they follow Niamh’s visions, leading to one hell of a showdown that is exciting, suspenseful and actionpacked I loved the tiein to Kiyo’s past as they visit his home country, and the story twists and turns as a new threat emerges – one that has the potential to destroy the world as they know it This is a great read, with a really satisfying ending, including an intriguing glimpse into Elijah’s story up next We get to catch up with the couples from the previous books, and I am loving both the strength of the fae sisterhood, and the ‘bromance’ dynamic as the guys all interact So fun!This series is turning into a PNR fave! I am loving the action, excitement and the passionate, emotional love stories, and I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to finish in the final book.I loved this one – 4.5 stars!An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 Stars!(ARC provided by author)Whether it's passion, lust, love, anger, vengeance, compassion, ambition, determination emotion gives us reason to live If you don't have that, what's the point? Niamh Farren is a beautiful 26 yr old Irish faeborne woman born into the human world Her magic was limitless, and she was one of the most powerful beings on the planet As a result she'd been on the run since she was twelve She was a psychic who had spent most of her life trying to decipher and follow her visions Humans and supernaturals alike were drawn to her, and she tries to blend in while anticipating enemies lurking in the shadows Her gifts become burdens when tragedy strikes and she loses the one person that is her home Consumed by grief Niamh is completely lost She's lonely, sad, and unpredictable She's been careless and is bringing too much attention to herself She hardly recognizes herself any, and has become a bit of a wild card Being one of the Fae with special abilities to open the gate to Faerie carries great responsibility When she seems to veer off her intended path, she crosses paths with a grumpy wolf named Kiyo that is a mystery to her He's possibly the most beautiful man she's ever seen, but also the most irritating.Kiyonari Fujiwara is a Japanese American immortal werewolf who has lived the life of a nomad He's a lone alpha who has been an underground fighter and a mercenary for hire He's cold, opinionated, quiet, broody, loyal, honorable, and always on guard He doesn't let anyone get too close to him, but he accepts a job from one of the few people he trusts Fionn Mor hires him to protect Niamh Failure wasn't an option, but she makes it very difficult for him to do his job Her capabilities were endless, and she was constantly on the move while being hunted She appears delicate and vulnerable, but she's fierce, and a force to be reckoned with She challenges him at every turn and becomes a thorn in his side Kiyo took pride in his unwavering self control, and she made him feel unhinged In his world emotions are weakness, but when they begin to creep in will he lower his defenses for love? Out of all my incredible gifts, my soft emotions, as you call them, my kindness, my compassion, my love, are my greatest Because without them, I am the darkest, most dangerous being you'll ever meet.She'd never been the type to crush on a bad boy, and she didn't want to start now But she couldn't deny she felt an electric awareness of the wolf or that he didn't fascinate her.Everything he felt was too much.She was a flower in the mirror She was the moon's reflection on the water A beautiful but unattainable dream She was an emotion inside of him that couldn't be described in words.I used to resent forever And now, because of you, Niamh Farren, forever will never be enough Bound By Forever is a novel by Samantha Young writing under her pen name S Young This is the authors third book in her True Immortality series It's an adult paranormal, slow burn, enemies to lovers romance that takes you on an action packed journey through Europe and Japan It's an exciting adventure in the supernatural world of the Fae, werewolves and vampires about fate, destiny and self discovery It's an emotional, beautiful story full of danger, suspense, and passion where two souls are bound by their undeniable connection. There’s something about this series that keeps me coming back forThis penultimate installment in the series had a character I was really looking forward to – Kiyo and he was 100% my favourite thing about the book He had great character development and that reluctance to care with the soft inside Niamh was an interesting character but for some reason, I didn’t connect with her that much.Overall, this was an enjoyable read but the plot didn’t always float my boat I’ll definitely be back to finish this series though.Full review to come for the blog.