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Fabulous comic fantasy about art and redistrbution of wealth, reminiscent of Jack Vance s ornate, over the top humor Gorgeous illustrations, exquisite book design, and unusual binding. |Download Book ☣ The Farouche Assemblage ⚖ The second installment in the deluxe chapbook series is Matt Hughes The Farouche Assemblage Featuring Hughes corpulent master thief Luff Imbry, this Vancian mystery is a game of forgeries, underhanded deals, priceless artworks and variable morals, all set in Hughes Archonate universe This edition includes an exclusive Letter of Authentication signed and sealed by Second Sub curator of the Grand Connaissarium of the Archon Terfel III, Glam Botch Cover illustration by Jason Van Hollander Screen printed cover, hand cut cover flap, with deluxe signing sheet Perfect boundpages, signed and numbered by the author, and limited tocopies