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FREE ⚣ Archetypes: Social Animals in Our Midst Ø A wonderfully illustrated, biting send up of the inhabitants of our everyday urban worldWhether at the office, in the street, on the subway, or in your bedroom you know you ve seen them someplace before Love them or hate them, you recognize them they are the new Archetypes, and now they ve been identifiedCombining minutely observed, caustic commentary with brilliant artwork, the Archetypes happily illuminate and eviscerate the denizens of the contemporary urban world From that Young Literary Guy who has just had a novel published, half of which is comprised of footnotes to the Nouveau Hypochondriac who has cut out all dairy, wheat, fruit, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, vinegar and fermented products and anything packaged or processed, these are laugh out loud portraits of the social animals in our midstSurely you recognize Every Mother s Worst Nightmare, whose mom has been particularly nosy since finding that cute thong purchased at Urban Outfitters so what if it says pussy on the front, Mom There s a picture of a cat under the word Or how about Aging G, a hip hop fan past the bloom of youth who recently stopped wearing a baseball cap and long basketball shorts when his son asked, Daddy, does Mom dress you too Silcoff and McLeod have an eye for what makes people tick and drives the rest of us crazyBe careful you may find yourself in these pages Clever and hilarious Fab illustrations.