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KINDLE Ö Pretty Things ⚜ Two Wildly Different Women One A Grifter, The Other An Heiress Are Brought Together By The Scam Of A Lifetime In A Page Turner From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Watch Me DisappearNina Once Bought Into The Idea That Her Fancy Liberal Arts Degree Would Lead To A Fulfilling Career When That Dream Crashed, She Turned To Stealing From Rich Kids In LA Alongside Her Wily Irish Boyfriend, Lachlan Nina Learned From The Best Her Mother Was The Original Con Artist, Hustling To Give Her Daughter A Decent Childhood Despite Their Wayward Life But When Her Mom Gets Sick, Nina Puts Everything On The Line To Help Her, Even If It Means Running Her Most Audacious, Dangerous Scam Yet Vanessa Is A Privileged Young Heiress Who Wanted To Make Her Mark In The World Instead She Becomes An Instagram Influencer Traveling The Globe, Receiving Free Clothes And Products, And Posing For Pictures In Exotic Locales But Behind The Covetable Fa Ade Is A Life Marked By Tragedy After A Broken Engagement, Vanessa Retreats To Her Family S Sprawling Mountain Estate, Stonehaven A Mansion Of Dark Secrets Not Just From Vanessa S Past, But From That Of A Lost And Troubled Girl Named Nina Nina S, Vanessa S, And Lachlan S Paths Collide Here, On The Cold Shores Of Lake Tahoe, Where Their Intertwined Lives Give Way To A Winter Of Aspiration And Desire, Duplicity And Revenge This Dazzling, Twisty, Mesmerizing Novel Showcases Acclaimed Author Janelle Brown At Her Best, As Two Brilliant, Damaged Women Try To Survive The Greatest Game Of Deceit And Destruction They Will Ever Play What a fun book and engaging book We have Nina and her boyfriend Lachlan who are grifters, Vanessa the heiress who is an Instagram influencer, and sweet Benny who is Vanessa s brother all embroiled together in this thriller I loved every minute of Pretty Things, it was an entertaining page turner with many twists and turns Even though I didn t like all the characters, they were real and interesting The descriptions of Lake Tahoe and Stonehaven were written so well, I felt like I was the one staying in that old and creepy mansion with Vanessa Thank you to Net Galley and Random House for providing me with an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. Another conning story with full of secret and lies, delicious twists and shocking revelations Okay Count me in and reserve my place for this crazy, heart throbbing ride This is my kind of enjoyable, dark, smart thriller We have a drifter, Nina Ross, having a chance for con of her lifetime, avenging the Liebling family who treated her mean and unfair and told her she would never be good enough for their precious son in the past Not only for revenge, but also affording her mother s big C treatment bills, she needs money and her target is family s shiny social media star Vanessa.We have an Instagram Influencer with admirers, followers swimming around her but she still surprisingly suffers from loneliness and abandonment She needs real friends Could it be her con woman also her friend And don t forget, we have Irish boyfriend a.k.a partners in crime of Nina, named Lachlan Can Nina truly trust him for helping her to stick to the plan Wait for it He can surprise you Let the games begin But be prepared to be fooled and be careful because somebody can pull the rug from under your feet This book is layered with some many turnarounds and twists Sometimes you think who is the real con man The drifters we know or the victim Sometimes the hunter can turn into a prey and prey can take his place.I mostly engaged with the subjective perceptions and multiple narration parts The same event was told by Nina and Vanessa from different angles so your mind spins after reading them and it was sometimes really hard to decide who was telling the truth.But when I came to the last quarter maybe because of moving back and forth too many times to catch the back stories, the pacing got a little slower and I didn t get the surprising, mouth widening, stunning ending It was a little forced, haphazard It was not unsatisfying but it was okay not good So after reading so long and connected with those characters even they have too much flaws, irritating attributes, suffering from their past failures, I was expecting something smarter, moving and shaking me to the core.I still loved the writing style, the way of smart, sarcastic, moving story telling, partly empathized with the characters Overall it can be five stared book but the last parts broke my enthusiasm and I gave 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 Not the best book choice for me but it still pretty good reading and I wanted to read works of the author.Special thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group to share this fast pacing page turner with me in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter A grifter and an heiress brought together by the scam of a lifetime is the kind of premise I didn t know was missing in my life until I read it CAN T WAIT 3.5 stars round up to 4This cover is gorgeous I must admit that is what initially drew me to this book This book started out really strong the first couple of chapters I defiantly was drawn right in as Nina seemed to be a hardcore player in this game she was playing stealing from the wealthy Then we seem to hit a speed bump and stay in low gear until about the 65% point in the book I actually considered setting this book aside right before it picked up Then we flew into high gear again and I was thinking well this is what I wanted from page one A great deal of the book is spent highly developing the two main characters Nina and Vanessa Vanessa is a wealthy, Instagram it girl who is famous for well nothingyou know the type.Then we have NinaNina is a con artist She learned from the bestdear old mom When her mom no longer can hustle people due to her cancer diagnosis, Nina steps in Like mother, like daughter right We get a full look at Nina s background and we see that if Nina had not made one little mistake, her life might have turned out quite differentlyor would it That is the million dollar question What we do know is that after 12 years, Nina wants to settle the score This book was just a tad too long and too slow of a burn for me However I did enjoy it, I was just glad that it picked up speed towards the ending There were several twists towards the end some I saw coming and some I did not Overall I enjoyed this book but it didn t have me floored or speechless at the end I think someone that doesn t read as many thrillers as I do may rate this quite a bit higher I was just looking for a bit action.Thank you so much to Random House for this ARC.