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Juney Branch took an axe, gave old Puzo forty whackswhen she saw what she had done, she gave her boyfriend 41She's crazy! Listen! Do you hear her singing? Pretty good, mildy weak reveal, art could have been better but kept me interested This book is such a strange and funny premise As always, I enjoyed Joe Hill's creativity in that regard What starts as a sleepy little mystery quickly escalates into heads literally rolling, and then still talking It's like Hill was pondering the ageold issue with mysteries: the dead cannot speak, and then wondered how he could get around that in the most gruesome and funny way possible.June is a delightful character: fierce and defiant and sexual and everything you want in a hero This is such a great feminist piece Every man in this story is horrible, and June manages to fight and claw her way against each of them, sometimes pulling her victories from the jaws of defeat I would absolutely readstories starring June.While I'm not shrinking violet and have not issue with vulgar language, the nastiness of the men in this story can be overwhelming at times Maybe that's the point, to show how horrible men can really be to women, but I found their demeanor and words sometimesoverwhelming than their actions Each of these men are SO Jekyll and Hyde, the story became a little formulaic and tiring None of these men were charismatic once the jig was up, none were horrible without also being misogynistic I wantedvariety in them once their cards were on the table. #FREE DOWNLOAD Ø Basketful of Heads õ June Branch visits her boyfriend, Liam, on Brody Island for a relaxing last weekend of summer After an escaped group of criminals breaks into the house that June and Liam are watching, Liam is taken by them June grabs a strange Viking axe and flees from the intruders When one of the attackers finds her, she swings the axe and takes off his head, which rolls away and begins to babble in terror For June to uncover the truth, she'll need to hear the facts straight from the mouths of her attackers, withor without their bodies attached Collects issues Really liked this one, a story full of weird twists and turns, and constant surprises (though when we're finally cluedin to what's going on, it was a bit of a disappointment) A young woman comes to visit her boyfriend, just finishing up his last day as a summer police officer on a small island resort community off the coast of Maine Coinciding with this is the escape of four convicts from a work party and the rapid approach of a massive storm It all comes together in a pretty tight little story by Hill, with some nice artwork from Leomacs, that is strongly reminiscent of EC horror comics I really liked this most of the way through, though the denouement is something of a letdown after everything that came before Still, I'd recommend this to fans of Joe Hill and horror comics in general. I received this as an ARC to read for free in exchange for my honest review Thank you to NetGalley and DC Comics Studios for giving me access.Joe Hill can really bring you a story! Nothing is what is seems in this horror story It had some twist and turns that you don't expect, which is exactly what I love in a good graphic novel.I felt the story was completely original and bonus points for a female heroin that doesn't need to be saved.The art style was a little strange It showed character movements that was overlaid on top of each other making it confusing as to which movement was first. (4,2 of 5 for impressive horrorish slasher comics story with very nice art)DC's imprint Hill House brought a basketful of horror comics I'm surprised with the overall quality but two of them (so far) stands out The creepy stuff named Dollhouse Family and slasher/revenge goodie Basketful of Heads This is as close to movie equivalent of this genre as you could get in comics It's not only one, it's not only one good but it's the finest, the one with great potential formed as close to the movie ones Why this comparison? The good movie revenge slashers are usually lowclass movies, they look somehow bad and cheap but they will surprise you how enjoyable they are The good balance of thrill, action, chills and fun/humour And Basketful of Heads is pretty close to that The slow and cheesy start will transform into something which goes ahead with the determination of icebreaker That's very enjoyable reading, you got the tempo, the thrills and you've got the art Which is also great I like this style and it fits the theme perfectly Inks, colours all of it When I pick my horror, the slashers are not the usual choice But when I do, I hope they will be like Basketful of Heads. Head over heels in love! Basketful of Heads unfolds like a classic 80's horror movie, but even better! That's probably due to Joe Hill's fantastic and creative writing, along with the EC Comic drawing style Welcome to Brody Island, Maine, where the only sharks are the ones on land It's September 1983, and June arrives in town to pick up her boyfriend Liam so the pair can return to college But before the lovebirds can leave, escaped convicts and a bad storm leave them scrambling to survive Throw in a possible enchanted Nordic weapon and soon to be very full basket, and you get one of the best horror graphic novels of all time! A fun story with a good mix of fantastic elements and mystery.Well told in that it keeps you guessing about what exactly is the truth until the end. Gotta love a quippy slashermystery featuring a heroine who really comes into her gruesome own!How does a mysterious hooded figure come to possess a wicker basket of decapitated heads? Well, the story begins as the summer of 1983 draws to a close, and June Branch travels to Brody Island, Maine, to visit her boyfriend Liam What happens next is gory and darkly funny; after many puns about heads (or lack thereof), the obnoxious men of the island get their dues at the hands of June and a wicked Viking axe she's picked up along the way.I wasn't big on the illustration style (one too many constipatedlooking expressions imo lol), but I did enjoy the story arc that unfolded across the seven issues—particularly the ending. I didn't know about the Hill House Comics line before seeing this on Netgalley, but I was immediately so excited for new Joe Hill content, naturally, I grabbed it right away and I'm so glad I did This was a really fun, intriguing horror/mystery set in Derry County, Maine (yep — there's even a Shawshank Prison reference), with some intriguing paranormal elements and a weird, creative plot exactly along the lines of what I've come to expect from Joe Hill: a little bit strange, a whole lot of gruesome, and laced with a few dark humor elements, too The art style wasn't my favorite but I do think it's objectively well done with a lot of attention to detail and some great color palettes Content warnings for: (view spoiler)[murder, violence, gore, torture, threats of assault, mentions of rape and forced prostitution, descriptions of suicide, substance abuse, fslur usage (hide spoiler)]