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In her twelfth published novel, Diana Wynne Jones again does something new; The Homeward Bounders has a little bit of Dogsbody, a little bit of Power of Three, but mostly it's just itself Young Jamie goes poking around where he shouldn't and is found by Them, mysterious cloaked creatures who appear to be playing an enormous strategy game with the worldand they deal with Jamie's intrusion by making him a Homeward Bounder Now Jamie is forced to travel between worlds, pulled by an insistent demand he can't predict, with the promise that if he can find his way Home he'll be allowed to stay As he travels for months and years without aging, Jamie visits hundreds of worlds with hundreds of societies, some pleasant, some hostile, never allowed to stay long enough to make a home, holding on to just the tiniest hope that he will return Home someday.While the varying societies Jamie visits are fascinating (DWJ was endlessly creative when it came to making new worlds) this book is very much about people and how they treat each other Jamie's experiences make him cynical, naturally, and when he finally acquires some companions, he's unable at first to trust them or see them as anything but burdens Helen Harasuquara has her own issues, and Joris the demon hunter can't seem to stop talking about his owner, the great demon hunter Konstam That the three of them can become friends at all is due to DWJ's understanding of how people work Their relationships are prickly, slowgrowing things, but they do grow in ways dictated by who each of them are.As a roleplaying gamer, I love the way that wargaming comes into the story Adam, an enemy turned friend (something we'll see again in other DWJ books, particularly This is one of the most complex yet richly rewarding reads that I have come across It was like reading all of Pullman's Dark Materials in one book (sort of) The subject matter and idea was complex but the plot and characters were so engaging Unlike Charmed Life, I thought this was a challenging read both in concept and an writing but it was infinitely all the better for it Based on the idea that all worlds are controlled by gamers who played with our lives, one young boy, Jamie, having discovered 'Them' is cast off from the game and doomed to wonder the different worlds in which they play as a Bounder It is for Jamie to discover the rules which govern the game in which he once was a part of in order to find and fight for his way home and yet to findsto himself and his choices in his life which make for a far richer and rewarding read Simply excellent. Not that I cannot or will not review a young adult fantasy, butlikely I am just not attuned to realizing and articulating what is best with this novel The author is certainly very talented, the story is well crafted and blendsmature elements into a fine adventure story that many young readers will very probably enjoy, but … I just could not get into it, muchof a YA book than what I was expecting. You all know how much I love Diana Wynne Jones.I discovered this book only a few weeks ago, when I picked it up from an HPB.I did not like this book.Now, don't get me wrong it was fascinating I read it in maybe three days I couldn't put it down I needed to know what happened next NEEDED TO.BUT YOU GUYS I CRIED SO HARD BECAUSE OF THIS BOOK.AND I KNEW I WAS GOING TO CRY.ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE BOOK I COULD SEE IT COMING, STRAIGHT FROM PAGE ONE.BUT IT HAPPENED AND I DID.I MIGHT BE CRYING AGAIN RIGHT NOW.I cannot handle the emotions this book gives me CANNOT HANDLE It's too much for me Especially to read right before finals I didn't see as much of the Diana style reading through this as I normally do The world jumping, definitely (Konstam jumps worlds like a goat, anyone else notice that?), but it was so much DARKER in this book than I was expecting Amazingly dark I don't understand it, it was just like you could feel Them seeping out through the pages Horrible Terrifying. “You wouldn't believe how lonely it gets.” The Homeward Bounders is definitely unique and takes place in a world that is very typical for Daina Wynne Jones She does seem to love her universes having multiple worlds, often based on or around ours When it comes to world variety, it seems very similar to the Chrestomanci series, only that unlike there, the characters in this book have no choice but to travel from world to world I loved how the plot came to a nice circle by the end of the book it is narrated by Jamie who manages to deliver the story with a lot of cheek The story he tells is cleverly structured and there's a lot of foreshadowing you can keep your eye out for Diana Wynne Jones also knows how to fool you into believing that the wrong world is the one that represents ours The other characters Jamie meets are also quite varied and come with a lot of quirks, they actually make him look quite plain by comparison So we have a nice narration, interesting variety of worlds and characters, a wellwoven plot and a need to read on to find out what exactly is going on Yet, even so, I never got fully invested in this I couldn't say I saw anything wrong with it, but somehow I could not get myself to care as much as I thought I ought to Perhaps it is also because I had seen so many comments in regards to how sad the ending was It honestly did not strike me as that sad I don't know if it's just the fact that I couldn't fully invest into the characters, or whether I was simply expecting something worse to come But the truth is that I just did not care all that much And even though I felt that the story was nicely resolved and came to a clean close, I also felt that a lot of the aspects could have been a tadfleshed out I can't quite put my finger on it, but something just felt lacking It is still a good book which, although not emotionally invested, was good fun to read and will likely end up getting reread at some point Perhaps I can find myself caringthe second time around? I am terrible at remembering exact lines, even for poetry or songs, where you'd think the rhythm or sound would help I regard all the characters in Tam Lin who can quote poetry or even the characters in Buffy who can quote movies wordperfect with suspicion and envy I get the scansion right but one of the words wrong or the sense right but not the phrase and worst of it is, I know it's wrong I just can't remember what the right version is.I've always remembered the last line of this right Always. Diana Wynne Jones is one of my favorite writers I go to her when I need a jolt of something entirely different and unexpected This has all the usual Jones elements: parallel worlds, girls with magical gifts, mythic beings, and the play on words and logic As with Fire and Hemlock you may have to read the ending twice to figure out exactly how it all played out The protagonist, Jamie Hamilton, is a compelling character He's a twelveyearold boy from a lower class family He's not interested in school nor does he want to take over the family grocery business Both bore him silly He likes football and exploring around the city This sense of wanderlust comes in handy when he intrudes on them, those other reality beings who are playing games with the lives of Jamie and others on his world They are not pleased by this disruption and discard him to walk the Bounds The book is about his journey and the people he meets while trying to get Home.It's a quick read but not a casual read Jones has filled the story with ideas about war and slaves and otherness (whether from a deformity or created by class difference) Not all plans are successful and not all successes are happy Upon reflection though, it seems that this is the way it should be. Solid 3.5 stars This is one of those books that kind of defies expectation Diana Wynne Jones is a lovely writer, and she understands dialogue and how not to overexplain things This one started with a sheer sense of wonder Not because the main character has a sense of wonder He was very pragmatic and plain The plain explanations, how obviously the main character doesn't understand the things he sees, ignites a sense of curiosity It feels real The middle is kind of up and down There are times you think 'oh, this is going to be one of those children's books where they meet myths and stories?' Then something completely different happens It feels random Random is good in some respects (surprise, wonder, curiosity) and bad in others (does the author have control over the story? is it balanced?) In the end I found the randomness added to the story I enjoyed not being able to guess what would happen next The ending explanation felt a bit rushed and silly, but the ending felt satisfying which is one of the harder things to do in a book Leaving people with that little sigh or laugh of contentment. {FREE EBOOK} Û The Homeward Bounders Ë You are now a discard We have no further use for you in play You are free to walk the Bounds, but it will be against the rules for you to enter play in any world If you succeed in returning Home, then you may enter play again in the normal mannerWhen Jamie unwittingly discovers the sinister, darkcloaked Them playing games with humans' lives, he is cast out to the boundaries of the worlds Clinging to Their promise that if he can get Home he is free, he becomes an unwilling Random Factor in Their deadly, eternal gameJamie travels alone until he teams up with Helen and Joris, determined to beat Them at Their own game But Their rules don't allow Homeward Bounders to work together Reading this book may hurt you It's that beautiful, and that sad But it's worth it.