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I think it was then that it dawned on me that Mum wasn t going to notice Chris was missing She has been made so that she thinks Chris is just round the corner all the time She doesn t realise that she never sees him I don t know why I didn t understand earlier If Aunt Maria can turn Chris into a wolf, she s surely strong enough to do this to Mum except that it seems a different kind of thing, much natural and ordinary, and I didn t really think she could do both kinds.Old Aunt Maria s sweet victim voice is a whistle only a kicked dog can hear Mig, her brother Chris and their mother Betty were free in London until the wheedling voice found them Pack up for a working holiday in Cranbury on Sea You ll never see the sea It must have been littered with s.o.s bottles Honey, do take care of this one for them Well, the mom answered the phone and that was that It s selfish to live the only life you will ever have I know how this goes I didn t buy all of the stuff about how Aunt Maria is so sweet She sounded exactly like the passive aggressive assholerly of my elderly relatives The younger ones are fond of volunteering me to babysit for others Don t have kids You can t be doing anything important like the important people I have to put up with the disappointment in my selfishness when I don t drop my plans It feels like not being one of them It s better than the alternative You don t become of a person if you play their part They hate Aunt Maria and they didn t have to be there What made this so real is that Betty wanted Mig to be eternally understanding, keep the cold war under lid Look at the old woman I know she is faking it, she didn t need those walking sticks because there she is running, but come on take this burden from me so I don t have to sacrifice or feel guilty Chris she sent out of the house as much as possible Mig is the girl and won t she be the dutiful little lady The Queen is a big spider weaving her sticky familial duty strings She s an ant with worker slaves, a bee s sting If they were there could only be one queen There is a contender in the thirteen females in her posse I don t know why Aunt Maria needed her power She has the same conversations, eats the same food Someone to wait on her hand and kiss her feet What made this so eerie is the drones in waiting quality Children don t live with families They are mind clones in superfluous camouflage Waiting in orphanages to take their place for what is the point anyway Why are people important if they have kids, anyway The kids will grow up and then their point is to have of them The men of Cranbury on Sea are zombies An ambitious player in Aunt Maria s circle is the creepy Elaine Her husband is one of these zombies She didn t bite his head off when he s done but she may as well have done I say why would someone go looking for this kind of relationship in the first place If you are married to an Elaine you asked for it She s one of those women who don t like other females They aren t assured of their pheromones working the zombie magic, I guess Black Maria is the best when the sinister expectations are real world dead air from the you re doomed seas Goblin woods, underground alive It doesn t have to be that way Aunt Maria does have a power There s an garden of eve apple in a Pandora s box reason for her hold on Cranbury Hunter and gatherer history The women have the power for now I didn t like the book as much in the end as the beginning It annoyed me that one woman would keep other people down and that it could be a man to restore the balance I know that there are people who are willing sheep I have known men who choose women who will do absolutely all of the life necessities for them, only to drool over the airhead at work who will make them feel like a man So gross But every single person is like this unless one person is going to fix everything with magic I wanted Betty and Chris to stop railing at Mig for not being preternaturally heroic, figure out things they didn t figure out themselves She s a real girl and why isn t that enough for people Black Maria was so good when Aunt Maria seems to have an inexplicable power over their mother When it feels like Betty will be an ally, they ll go home It s such real life shittiness when that happens She know life is the miserable unreasonableness sneaking on you like hidden ways down It is, but I liked it best when it s not accepting it in the end Jones got it right when she hugs to herself an almost seeing the light It feels truer that you know this and it feels so bad in spite of that understanding I hope Mig doesn t grow up to do things she doesn t want to do because she feels she will be a bad person if she doesn t I loved the orphans who always sneak each other cookies when one of them is punished That gave me something that the women on one side and men on the other was wrong here Brains turned and hearts churned off Aunt Maria s web, maybe I m not sure either about the men who would one moment accuse Mig on behalf of all women that they manipulate men with these people burdens only to be comfortable in figment rules The could beam well practiced getting away with it smiles I guess you can make a case for this happening it could if you looked for it without meaning it is true for everyone I just didn t like it that it s so conscious Everybody seems to know it is going down when it is going down Getting away with what It seems just like feeling bad when you re being you It was neat when a buried alive character astral projects himself as he sees himself A court jester parrot It s a weird mix of special with some nagging reasoning It would be great if I could go inside books I read and then argue with them about what I can t deal Not that I would think it would work in life. Terrifying and perfect I want to write a 10 book thesis about gender in this book. Here, Jones examines the workings of families and the relationship between the sexes After her father s car goes over a cliff, Mig, her brother Chris, and their mother go to stay with Mig s Aunt Maria in the little town of Cranbury on Sea, but they quickly realize that all is not as it seems to be the women, under Aunt Maria s rod of iron, rule the town, the men almost all act like zombies, and the only children are locked away in an orphanage Along with the characteristically inventive story, Black Maria is full of memorable characters, particularly the sinister Aunt Maria, so sweet and helpless on the outside and chillingly evil within one of Jones s most memorable villains, I think. So that was my last DWJ, sigh I suppose I ll have to start buying them now.I think because my edition has an awful, awful cover, I didn t like this book when I first read it, years and years ago This was only the second time I ve read it, and naturally it was very good Not one of her best, I think, but DWJ s worst is better than, I would say, pretty much all of the children s literature being published today. Well, the cover is slightly misleading in a bibbity bobbity way.I initially thought of just letting that be my review, but that wouldn t really help someone who hasn t read this book with this cover If you have, then you know it s rather like seeing a poster for The Secret of NIMH 2 Timmy to the Rescue used as the cover of Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH I prefer the demented version of the titular character from the German version, but I digress.Mig, her brother Chris, and their mum are politely forced to visit a relative with whom they associate lethal boredom for the Easter holiday There, they find that Aunt Maria is not only a vicious old hag, but powerful and just plain bloody evil.If you have ever lived or been forced to visit in an environment like the one Mig and her family have to deal with, then this book will hit you right in the feels I was cursing the second Aunt Maria s politeness began Also, one of my berserk buttons crops up than once when a character refuses to call someone by their desired name Mig, not Naomi And Chris is short for Christian, not Christopher You are supposed to see it as annoying, but I always get a little bit of gibbering rage when it comes up because of all the Romance heroes including YA who smugly call the heroine whatever they want Ugh I hate that so much.Eheh TL DR.The book is written in a pseudo epistolary fashion Mig keeps a journal with a lock on it This means that sometimes the book is in past tense, and sometimes it s in present I hate present tense usually, but I didn t bother myself about it here, since there s an actual reason Mig has that kind of mild, upfront, bald likeability that I like to think of as Diana Wynne Jones s default voice.In fact, some of the other characters have common traits with other DWJ characters The mother reminded me of Howard s mother from Archer s Goon This is not bad, it just goes to show how many of DWJ s books I have readThe beginning can be a bit of a slog, with all the angry making, and I didn t feel like it was really resolved at the end I really came to hate Aunt Maria The magic is also remarkably under defined, and is explained too late in the book to allow for much impact other than to explain things that went on a bit too long. 10 ish Thoughts on Aunt Maria 1 First thing s first Time travel There was a bit of time travel near the end of the book, which was SUPER awesome I will not say anything about it, but suffice to say that it was fabulous.2 It s told in first person by Mig, a girl who likes to write kindred soul She tells us the story in her journal I don t always care for first person, but I really liked how it was her journal It gave the story such an immediate feeling and all the descriptions etc felt so up close and personal, somehow And it didn t feel like a normal journal or letters type story, because it wasn t under daily headings or anything, but had of a flowing together sort of feeling Anyways, it was so well done.3 Favorite characters Mig s brother, Chris, is awesome XD I really enjoyed his character Chris tian not Chris topher as he likes to stress when Aunt Maria gets it wrong P He s outspoken and has wonderful strong feelings of fun or anger, and is just great While I m thinking of favorite characters, Antony Green was fabulous D I really, really liked him I also can t say anything about him because he s one of those fascinating characters with SO MANY SPOILERS Ahem But he s great D4 The plot was super interesting and complex, with so much going on under everything, even though it seemed pretty ordinary on the surface for awhile It was soooo strange Like DWJ books always are But also fascinating The undercurrent of magical things, the strange, almost sci fi dystopia set up of the strange village, Cranbury on Sea, with its people divided into vacant worker men, women who work for Aunt Maria, and clone like children in an orphanage There are so many questions about EVERYTHING, so it s very much a mystery especially since we re in Mig s limited point of view.5 On that note, for a good half of the story, I wondered why it WAS Mig s POV, because it seemed like it would have worked better from Chris s perspective He was the one who was doing everything to start with, and Mig is always telling us things about what he thinks But then things happened and everything clicked, and I realized exactly why it had to be Mig telling it and it made perfect sense So I liked that 6 Dislikes Aunt Maria was awful So were her followers Eep She acts like a sweet, innocent, helpless old woman, but she s sooo creepy Not that that s a bad thing, exactly meaning it s not something I dislike about the book, I just dislike her XD I don t care for splitting up couples storylines, so I m not sure how I feel about that part, though under the circumstances I suppose it turned out as well as it could.7 I felt like there was a lot of deep stuff going on It really felt like it was presenting a lot of thoughtful takes on society and men and women etc It was really interesting and I can t really explain it I might be able to put my finger on it better on a second read, but my first thought is that it had some fascinating ideas about society.8 The characters were all so complex and well written that most of the time I was kept guessing and re adjusting on who I thought was good, bad, or on their way between changing back or forth, or just as was often the case had bits of good and bad mixed up in them just like real people.9 Also contains humor a wolf hunt which is not what it seems cats and wolves who are not what they seem a fascinating bit on what it s like to have a cat s perspective so adorable a mysterious elderly brother sister pair she s tiny, with a tendency to fall over he s brusque and grumpy with a tendency to practice the art of swordsmanship mostly standing holding a sword over his head an ending which wrapped things up in a way that for the most part I really liked and, of course, lots and lots of tea.1o I think I need to reread it.Favorite quotes What s the good of being civilized, that s what I d like to know It just means other people can break the rules and you can t There goes Mig with her happy endings again, Chris said But I don t care I like happy endings And I asked Chris why something should be truer just because it s unhappy He couldn t answer Review originally posted on The Page Dreamer We have had Aunt Maria ever since Dad died If that sounds as if we have the plague, that is what I mean Dad drove off a cliff Now Mig, Chris and their mother go to Cranbury on Sea to care for their Aunt Maria in his stead Aunt Maria is sweet and helpless or so it would seem Neither Cranbury on Sea nor Aunt Maria are quite what they seem as Mig and Chris find themselves under constant watchful eyes Chris insists there s a ghost in his room while Mig is certain she s seen Dad s car that went off the cliff drive past But their biggest worry is when Mother doesn t seem to want to go home any.Diana Wynne Jones makes wild stories, yet Black Maria has to be the most bizarre and chaotic one yet It consists of so many elements that it s hard to even pinpoint a genre is it a ghost story A family drama A social commentary Then we also have the zombie men and clone like children that give the whole a dystopian vibe And let s not forget the animal transformations and time travel There s just so much and rather than coming across as messy, it s wonderfully suspenseful and keeps you reading It also has an interesting narrative Chris is by far the active character, yet the story is told from Mig s point of view in the form of her journal And while it is a journal, it reads differently from most books of its kind Her narrative has a smooth flow and her entries, which she has to write in secret, add to the suspense However, Black Maria suffers from a general weak point in Diana Wynne Jones stories the ending comes and goes and you feel like there s still much left to be explained Everything is resolved a little too neatly and I feel as though the actual powers that were at work throughout the book were never properly explained It caused quite the anti climax to this otherwise intense story But still, this book also shines with having a great cast of characters I love how Mig is actually quite frightened at times it baffles me when main characters are too daring in the face of danger This natural approach towards danger made Mig seem a lot real Chris, on the other hand, throws caution to the wind and as a result, we get quite a few fun and witty lines out of him Aunt Maria is a great villain in that she can really grind your gears she s nasty and you feel it But my favourite character was without a doubt Betty Chris and Mig s mum She s one of the best mother characters I ve ever come across She s very kind and thoughtful but also strict when she needs to be She s part of the mystery and action almost as much as her children are and the end of the story might have been quite different without her.There s also an honourable mention of Lavinia the cat Diana Wynne Jones always seems to create ugly or derpy cats Lavinia belonging to the latter but makes them so lovable I also loved how certain characters were said to get married towards the end of the book To be honest, it came quite unexpectedly, but I m happy to take it as such It s just too bad the overall ending didn t live up to the rest of the story 3 stars seems very low for a Diana Wynne Jones novel, and it s maybe not entirely fair, because in many ways it s brilliant But it s really hard to read This was a re read, for my PhD, and for some reason I found myself bouncing off it even than usual I have personal triggers with the passive aggressive evil Aunt Maria, having care given for an elderly parent for years than I care to remember, and having experienced some of that same treatment However, even than that, DWJ seemed to have a particularly strong axe to grind this time out Not just the selfish, grasping relative, but a whole crew of Stepford husbands, and a rigid and harmful division between the sexes Many of the points that she makes subtly in other works come across with a hammer here And, as is often the case in Jones s work, the ending was rushed and not entirely satisfying. (Free Epub) à Black Maria Ø A magical classic novel from the Godmother of British fantasy, Diana Wynne Jones.On the surface, Great Aunt Maria seems like a harmless old lady.But when Mig and her family go to visit, they soon learn that Aunt Maria rules Cranbury on Sea with a rod of sweetness that s tougher than iron and deadlier than poison Life revolves around women s tea parties, while grey suited men behave like zombies and clone like children fade into the background.Mig is convinced that Aunt Maria must be a witch, but who will believe her Maybe the ghost who haunts the downstairs bedroom holds the key. If I didn t already love DWJ, I wouldn t have finished this The writing style, the humour, the feeling of it all going to pot and then safety at the last second that was all her But it was grown up Darker A little crazier More like 8 Days of Luke than her normal fantasy stuff And while I enjoyed how she played with the traditional myths in Luke, I didn t like this one so well Maybe it s because I didn t know so much about the legends she pulled from this time it was hard going and like she said, not such a normal happy ending Maybe it s because she was dealing with political feminism traditional roles and bad parenting in some of their nastiest forms view spoiler Main character Mig s father has abandoned his wife and children for another woman and through flashbacks we see that he was probably abusive The women in Aunt Maria s town have made men magically subhuman and a top down hierarchy is maintained through whining about how something is unfair or someone is a martyr canwesaymodernpoliticaltacticstothemax Mig calls the men and other children zombies or colorless until they re freed by the Green Man or Merlin or something else, not sure to which myth that was supposed to refer Then savior Merlin becomes Mig s new dad, but turns out to be completely messed up in the head due to being buried alive for years and his mother s suicide Last but not least, the ending chapter s mind picture of zombified orphans being auctioned off was just plain creepy What is that supposed to push Was it supposed to push anything or was she just trying to tie off loose ends Whyyy Major plus that tipped the scale up a star Mom turning into a total common sense ninja strength hero when Mig finally got her disenchanted enough to see the situation hide spoiler