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#Download ß Planetfall ⚤ What would it feel like to land on another planet What kind of Aliens would you meet Would they be hostile or friendly and how would you react to them And are there already Aliens amongst us on Earth Read PLANETFALL and find outSentinel of Earth Introduces a brand new alien super hero, Rasl Ca wrn and his sidekick Mizzo Earth is a target for evil alien villains and only the Sentinel and Mizzo stand in their way in five cliff hanging episodesCan you survive on an Alien Planet This exciting new game challenges you the reader to survive in appallingly hostile conditions after your space capsule has crash landed on the notorious planet AbthazePlain Magic is a special fantasy feature story about a kind of magic that is quiet but effective, even against the fiercest dragonAliens and Planets can you match the aliens to their planets in this tricky and challenging game Krail s World space explorer meets than he bargained for when he crash lands on an alien planet in this thought provoking storyPlanetfall is illustrated throughout in full colour and black and white, all the material used is new and it is hoped to follow it down to Earth with Planetfall Two