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WowMeagan Brandy you truly are a gifted author, I truly love this book, love,tragedy,hope, severts all in one, I can t even explain it in words this book is truly 10 Stars Release Date October 3, 2019 Genre New Adult Romance Series Brayshaw series 3 must be read in order WOAH WOAH This is one of the most EPIC conclusions to a book that I have EVER READ I m not even joking here Reign of Brayshaw took me on one of the most turbulent journeys I have ever had the pleasure of being on I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of it Even though there were times when I wanted to throw my iPad out the window you ll have these feelings too but don t fret, it s worth it Now, I can t say much of anything about the plot because it would spoil the entire book for those who plan to read it but I will say this if you enjoy a gritty, angsty, BREATHTAKING journey filled with love, hate, and everything in between you need to read THIS BOOK and series I can t remember the last time a book made me feel so obsessed but this one did I highly recommend readers who have read the first two books to jump on this one as quick as possible It s an EPIC MUST READ If you haven t started the series make sure that you start from the beginning as all three books follow Raven, Maddoc, and the boys The reading order is below Book 1 Boys of Brayshaw High Book 1 Trouble at Brayshaw HighReign of Brayshaw will be an LIVE release Expect it on October 3rd I ve died all the deads GUYS YOU AIN T READY FOR THIS Meagan Brandy gonna hit you with some SHIT She will rock your Brayshaw world and you will literally scream and scream again From 2% to 99% my anxiety was at an all time high All all I could think to myself was ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW STOP THIS NONSENSE MEAGAN FIX IT FIX IT NOW Yeah like I said YOU AIN T READY for this I m being completely serious when I say she outdid herself I mean this series is way then just a high school romance Honestly, I forgot they were in high school while reading it This is one of those epic sagas that will have you waiting with bated breath for the next scene, the next words, the next chapter From start to finish Reign takes a hold of you and doesn t let go I m not sure you can even imagine what s coming I m still dying and it s been days since I finished it So for those of you waiting for it s release trust me it s worth the wait Buckle up Braygirls, you re in for a wild RIDE. my book three predictions raven captain and victoria 10 3 19 book review i was so eager for this release that i spent 4 on kindle, instead of waiting few extra days for it to upload on a free book site and this girl is bummed out because i gave five stars to the first two books but ended up giving this one three stars, and even that felt a little generous i know this whole series is very unrealistic, but even so, i devoured the first two books but in this book, i kept rolling my eyes and putting it down the things that happened were so ridiculous and unnecessary and i was so confused most of the time because it was so information dumpy.i m happy we got the happy ending we all wanted but the build up was ridiculously annoying With life comes loss With love, comes sacrifice There are no words in this world that can describe the greatness of Reign of Brayshaw Seriously This book completely blew my mind Meagan Brandy masterfully pulled me into a whirlwind of events that totally took over my life When you reach for this story you can forget about your responsibilities and everyday life Raven and the boys will take over your thoughts, heart and soul And you will give it to them on a silver platter.The storyline is a series of such unexpected events, that I was constantly shocked More than that, some of the plot twists literally made me cry I was so immersed in this story that I could almost feel when my heart stopped, just to speed up its beating a moment later You think that you know what to expect in this book WRONG Brandy has directed this story in such a brilliant way that you can t predict the course of events or the behavior of the characters But I can assure you that this book will fill your heart to the brim with every damn emotion You will cry, you will scream in frustration and you will tremble with rage But you will also laugh, swoon and feel the love This masterpiece of a book is a rollercoaster of feelings.If you thought earlier that Raven is fierce, you haven t seen anything yet I have a massive girl crush on this chick She s brave, selfless and loyal to the bone There s nothing in the world that she wouldn t do for her loved ones And the same applies to our guys They re protective and steadfast Having them in your corner is the best that can happen to a girl And don t get me started on Maddoc I m in love with this guy from the first book in this series, but in Reign of Brayshaw he imprinted a permanent mark on my heart.You need this book in your life Reign of Brayshaw is poignant, surprising and incredibly emotional Meagan Brandy is such an amazing storyteller, that you feel like a participant of all events and every emotion involved you feel deep to the bone Yes, I m sad that it s final book in Raven and Maddoc s unique love story, but on the other hand I m ready for Cap and Royce to find their own HEA Bring it on, Brandy I m ready ARC received in exchange for an honest review. MEAGAN BRANDY, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME After the ending of TROUBLE AT BRAYSHAW HIGH, I have been anticipating book 3 SO HARD Literally dying Well let me tell you, I didn t know the meaning of the word DYING until I was a certain percentage into Reign of Brayshaw GOODREADS really should have a CURRENTLY DYING status for reading ROB THIS BOOK was EVERYTHING I WANTED and EVERYTHING I didn t know that I WANTED IT WAS PERFECT PERFECT Another Brandy TOP READ And god fucking damn, I DID NOT see all of this angst coming, but I m an angst whore, so I loved every minute of it GOD, you guys are NOT READY for this freaking ride man BUCKLE UP BUCKLE THE F UP The only person allowed to take you from meis me At her words, my chest caves with the pressure of the fucking world She has no clue, but that s exactly what will happen if she finds out Who am I kidding WHEN she finds out REIGN OF BRAYSHAW by Meagan Brandy is LIVE Nook sure to add Captain and Royce s books to your TBR as well Captain Royce myboys BigMan Snow Cap Royce brayshawseries OMG Please, please get the next one written on my knees with eyes fluttering BRAYGIRL4EVERFIVE CROWNS I mean STARS for the most incredible characters and family I ve met this year, Raven, Maddoc, Captain, Zoey and Victoria Boys of Brayshaw High stole my mind Trouble at Brayshaw High stole my soul Reign of Brayshaw stole my heart.I don t know what to say.I don t know what to writebecause sometimes it s hard to bring your thoughts and emotions into words.I m speechlessbecause no matter I write, it will never be enough to describe how a freaking awesome this book is.These books ruined my life, upside and down, but in a good way I ve read the first two books from this series only two weeks before I ve got the ARC of this book and maybe some people think that I m not capable to fall in love with one series that quickly.But they ARE wrong.These books are impossible not to love because once you start to read them, you re over.They will bring you into their world and you will not want to ever go out from that world Boys of Brayshaw High and Trouble at Brayshaw High are just small pieces of the great storyline.Only introduction.If you ve read my review for Trouble at Brayshaw High , then you know that those words I wrote there for Boys of Brayshaw High.But I was so wrong Trouble at Brayshaw High is also only the introduction.These two books can t prepare you for Reign of Brayshaw And that s okay.Nobody loves the series where you can predict how will storyline goes on or the way it ends, because, the first, that s really boring it s no worth of your precious time and the second, you will forget about the whole series the same time when you close the last page of the last book Reign of Brayshaw is the one new level in Meagan s writing and also in Brayshaw High series.With every new book this series getting better and better I will never have got enough of Brayshaw High series.This book has everything I wanted in it, even though I wasn t aware I wanted it.I was reading this book for four days because this book was difficult for reading The first 60% of the book, I was crying and my heart was broken in thousands of pieces.The discovered secrets shocked me The decisions that the main characters have made, they broke my heart.It was difficult to not got into their skin and feel their pain like is your own.But the other 40% of the book, I was really enjoying Because after their whole world was destroyed, everything started a little by little getting into their place.Raven is still my favorite female character and in this book she showed that she is not only badass, she also the human being who can feel every emotion I love her so much that I can only say I want to be her when I grow up.Because she is everything that one girl, one woman needs to have inside her confidence, fearlessness, stubbornness and most of all, the love, a non stop sacrifice and protective side for the people she cares about.She is young, free and wild.That s how one woman needs to be and not the picture that man s world made for her.I love Maddoc and his character is also showed some sides I didn t expect because, but hey, he is before everything, THE Brayshaw boy.Raven and Maddoc s relationship wasn t easy It had upsides and downs, but not because they wanted that, it was because the world didn t want to get them to be happy.Like every true love, they had to cross obstacles and show everyone that their love is the kind of love which can survive everything and that they are the couple for which you know, that they are destined to be together.I will truly miss this two, but I will remember them and two sentences will stay imprinted in my heart Loving you doesn t make me weak It makes me unstoppable Captain, Royce, Zoey and Victoria are the characters that you ll fall in love them in this book, although this isn t their story, but enough that you ll want to read their stories the moment you finish with this one.So, for the conclusion, I can only say that this story wrecked my feelings, made me cry, but it also made me smile and I will be for sure reread these books for many times and surely when I buy my paperback copies.So much, Meagan So much.YOU MUST TO READ BRAYSHAW HIGH SERIES.PERIOD. {Free E-pub} · Reign of Brayshaw (Brayshaw, #3) Ò Trust only those who earn it A sentiment I follow without direction but holdsconsequence than ever before.One decision, five lives, three futures This is what s at stake One night, one choice, four broken Brayshaws That is where we re headed.Unless I stop it.I to stop it.I have to remind him of what he s chosen to forget.My town My choice ending This is the third book in the Brayshaw Series, and the conclusion of Maddoc and Raven s story Release date October 3rd, 2019