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|Read Pdf · The Worst Best Man ⚧ Critically Acclaimed Author Mia Sosa Delivers A Sassy, Steamy Enemies To Lovers Romantic Comedy About A Woman Whose New Job Requires Her To Work Side By Side With The Best Man Who Ruined Her Wedding Her Ex Fianc S Infuriating, Irritating, Annoyingly Handsome Brother Perfect For Fans Of Jasmine Guillory, Helen Hoang, And Sally Thorne A Wedding Planner Left At The Altar Yeah, The Irony Isn T Lost On Carolina Santos, Either But Despite That Embarrassing Blip From Her Past, Lina S Managed To Make Other People S Dreams Come True As A Top Tier Wedding Coordinator In DC After Impressing An Influential Guest, She S Offered An Opportunity That Could Change Her Life There S Just One Hitch She Has To Collaborate With The Best Make That Worst Man From Her Own Failed Nuptials Tired Of Living In His Older Brother S Shadow, Marketing Expert Max Hartley Is Determined To Make His Mark With A Coveted Hotel Client Looking To Expand Its Brand Then He Learns He Ll Be Working With His Brother S Whip Smart, Stunning Absolutely Off Limits Ex Fianc E And She Loathes Him If They Can Survive The Next Few Weeks And Nail Their Presentation Without Killing Each Other, They Ll Both Come Out Ahead Except Max Has Been Public Enemy Number One Ever Since He Encouraged His Brother To Jilt The Bride, And Lina S Ready To Dish Out A Little Payback Of Her Own But Even The Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry, And Soon Lina And Max Discover Animosity May Not Be The Only Emotion Creating Sparks Between Them Still, This Star Crossed Couple Can Never Be Than Temporary Playmates Because Lina Isn T Interested In Falling In Love And Max Refuses To Play Runner Up To His Brother Ever Again Lina and Max had undeniable chemistry that lept off the page Seeing their relationship grow frow reluctant business partners to made for a thoroughly enjoyable read that I couldn t put down And as always, I adored the family aspected included in the story Lina s big, supportive family filled my heart with warmth, while Max s tenuious relationship with his brother kinda broken my heart Fun, flirty, and amazing chemistry, The Worst Best Man is an entertaining romcom you wont want to put down. THIS.IS.SOOOO.GOOD I didn t understand why some readers skipped this book or wrote some negative comments I know exactly books arise some different feelings and bring out different opinions But come on we have a sweetest, charming, so much likable, adorable book boyfriend in da house Yesss, let s make some noise for MAX If it is not for him, I could give the book four stars but his charm, patience, honesty stole my heart What I really liked about this story Author s amazing sense of humor I laughed out hard when I read the Nutcrackers reference and the size of the room dialogues between Rebecca and Lina when Max hid himself in the bathroom Sweet, swoony, delightful chemistry of couple I want to call them LIMAX I loved their sarcastic dialogues and their openness about their feelings.Brazilian culture introduction As a meat woman Most of my vegan friends turned into my enemies and wanted to bury me alive I only know their amazing kitchen but thankfully I learned about their traditions, sports and other special kitchen suggestions instead of meat dishes with this book and I enjoyed every part of it.Only two things I wish about this book The TITLE SIMILARITY It shares the same name with one of my favorite Lucy Score s rom coms And I never call anything the worst about Max For the first time I loved hero than a heroine ABSENCE OF EPILOGUE PART I loved the ending but I wish I could read what will happen to this lovable couple in near future Well, I think, we need to wait for till reading Dean s upcoming story which I m already invested right now I love this name because of reminding me of Dean Winchester OVERALL Sweet, enjoyable, heartwarming, smart, entertaining rom com that I truly needed.Special thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers Avon for sharing this swoony and funny ARC COPY in exchange my honest review And thanks to Mia Sosa to enlighten my day with her talent and remarkable sense of humor. This wasn t a perfect book for me, but I did end up enjoying it a lot than I expected to I really felt the chemistry between the two main characters and I appreciated that, although the book starts off on a pretty ridiculous note, the characters grow A LOT by the end of the novel and ultimately end up making some very Adult decisions I will say though, the sex scenes in this one were p awkward I felt like the author was trying to make them overly sassy and it really just took me out of the scene and made me feel awkward reading them Overall, this one was fun and I recommend if you enjoy a zany rom com, but it wasn t a complete new favorite. A fun, steamy tale of self worth and learning from your bad choices Three years ago, wedding planner, Catalina Santos was jilted on her wedding day ahh how awful anyway but to happen a wedding planner Lina s ex fianc s brother, Max broke the news, and was also apparently the cause of her fianc s departure Now Lina has to work together with Max if they both want to succeed in their careers.Firstly I am really surprised at the bad reviews of this book, compared to the ratings of similar books I get that this book isn t for everyone, but it was made clear in the synopsis that the romance would be between Max and Lina She was with his brother years before, and the brothers are not close, but it is what it is If you can t get past that, then don t read it It s not something I ve personally seen or would feel comfortable with in real life, but it has happened we ve all seen Jeremy Kyle or your own country s equivalent seedy talk show and it is written well here I feel Also there seems to be hate directed at Lina for taking her abandonment out on Max, rather than Andrew her ex fianc My take on this is that it wasn t really hate, it was like ah crap we re in a mess and I shouldn t be attracted to you but I am, but will pretend that I m not kind of situation The book wasn t perfect, but it made my heart flutter and it was very sweet.I think what made this stand apart from other rom coms though, was the Brazilian culture I ve read romance books which have included some token diversity to tick boxes, but it felt really genuine in this book I loved reading about all of the Brazilian food, the Capoeira, the dancing and I loved the scattering of Portuguese language throughout The culture was so vibrant and I really loved it I adored Lina s family and the dynamics that they had They had a really strong bond and were a lot of fun I especially liked Lina s cousin Natalia and her aunt who were so dramatic and hilarious Catalina was a great main character She had made mistakes in the past so had become closed off and acted professional at all times She spoke about having to work hard to not come across as over emotional as a woman, which I related to so hard It was especially hard for Lina as an Afro Latinx woman, as she didn t want to come across as the angry black woman So instead Lina held all her emotions inside, guarded her heart, and chose safe options, or she did until Max dismantled her armour I loved how we gradually saw the real Lina emerge as Max got to know her better She was so kind and caring, yet was still a strong woman I also appreciated Lina s insecurities as a second generation immigrant She felt that she had to work extra hard in order to repay her mother and aunts for all of the sacrifices that they made for her and her cousins But I LOVED her mum s view that she had made those sacrifices so that Lina didn t have to work so hard Max sigh..what a main character He was so likeable A calm and patient man, who realised that he had been a bit of a douche when he was younger, and had grown up and taken responsibility for his past actions He had great chemistry and banter with Lina, but not only that, they developed a real friendship I loved his bromance with Dean too, and can t wait for the next book to be about him Hopefully we will get to see lots Max and Lina in The Wedding Crasher too There were a lot of tropes in this book like the sharing one bed trope, the wedding planner falling in love etc and it was such a funny and sweet book I just fell head over heels for Max, Lina and her family There were a couple of niggles, hence not a five star read for me Firstly I would have liked to see of Max s family The whole sibling rivalry with his brother was brought up a lot, but wasn t really dealt with, plus I would ve liked to see about their mum Why did she encourage them to compete so much How did she react to Lina What is her relationship like with her sons outside of wok, where she s not just their boss Also an epilogue would have been nice, where we actually got to see Lina and Max together, but hopefully my need for this will be addressed by reading the next book Overall I really enjoyed my first Mia Sosa book, and loved the characters, so bring on the wedding crasher Many thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss for this ARC in exchange for an honest review