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( Read E-pub ) ô Over His Auntie's Knee ⚛ Jennifer has had just about enough of Brian and his lazy ways, and throws him out of her apartment Brian wanders the streets in the rain with his suitcase feeling very sorry for himself, and angry at Jennifer for making him leave He had a very nice set up with her she went out to work while he lounged about on the sofa, watching tv and drinking beer until she came home to cook his dinner Having nowhere else to go, and no family other than his Aunt Ruby, Brian makes his way to her upmarket townhouse But although Aunt Ruby takes him in, he can no longer have an idle life to his dismay he is given chores to do, and she gets him a job as a janitor at the casino where she works This is the story of Brian s transformation from an idle slob into a hard working and respectful young man The miracle is achieved by his strict, no nonsense aunt, who introduces a corporal punishment regime She wields her sturdy hairbrush to good effect on his bare bottom, and even makes him wear a special pair of pyjamas when he is about to be spanked Brian is initially rebellious and surly, but gradually accepts that although he hates being spanked, he needs discipline, and the forgiveness and affection that follows