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Will Moana learn to cliff dive in time for the Tiale celebration competitions Find out in this installment of Disney Princess Beginnings. @DOWNLOAD EPUB ì Moana's Big Leap (Disney Princess Beginnings, #7) » Young Moana is always ready for a new challenge It is eight year old Moana s first time participating in the Tiale celebration a festival that occurs every ten years and honors a brave female ancestor Thanks to determination and coaching from her mother, Moana competes in the cliff diving competition This collection also includes nine Moana bonus stories Pua and Heihei, Becoming Shiny, A Pig Named Pua, The Misadventures of Heihei, Wave Rider, Waiting for Moana, A Path to the Sea, Moana Makes a Kite, and A Day with Moana It is a adventures book to read I like Moana s personality and courage. I was quite impressed with this Disney chapter book Some of them can leave a bit to be desired, but that wasn t the case here I enjoyed the lead up to the festival the best. Fun story with our favorite, loveable characters.