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These world book day books are great for getting my reading challenge done In this mini world book day book focusing back on the nought vs cross world, we meet criminal of the nought gang, Dan as he gets injured and relies on cross, Eva an ex nurse to take care of him after all she knows loss after her daughter committed suicide.In this action packed mini story to go along with the bigger we An interesting enough story but it s incomplete and does not stand alone It isn t really a short story, but a fragment of a longer story It may be good for people who have read the rest of the series but, for someone who hasn t, it is frustrating.Further, the story o It s been several years since I read the Noughts and Crosses series, but as it was one of the first YA series I ever read, it holds a special place in my heart I had to read a recap on the series to remember who the characters were Malorie Blackman delivers yet an ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ⚐ Nought Forever ☹ A Powerful New Noughts Crosses Story From Legendary Author Malorie Blackman, Written For World Book Day I Ve Never Been Shot Before It S Dark But I Keep Seeing White Flashes Before My Eyes Like Spots Of Lightning Jabbing At Me Am I Going Into Shock Must Be But I Can T Pass Out, Not Now Then I Ll Be Dead For Sure Dan Is On The Run Hiding From A Ruthless Gang Who Want Him Dead It S One Of Those Nights One Of Those Nights Where I Sit Alone And Watch The World Go By One Of Those Nights When If My Hatred Were Fuel, I Would Happily Light A Match And Watch The Whole World Burn Eva Just Wants To Be Left Alone To Mourn Her Daughter But When A Badly Wounded Dan Crosses Her Path, She S Compelled To HelpBoth Are Hiding Dark Secrets From Their Past Both Have Reasons To Fear The Other But They Are Both Connected To Each Other Too, And Before The Night Is Over, Eva Will Be Forced To Choose Betray Dan, Or Protect Him Whatever The Cost Dit is duidelijk onderdeel van een serie wat het behoorlijk frustrerend maakt Op zich was het een aardig verhaal, maar te kort en ik miste een hoop informatie Toen ik er net lekker in zat, was het afgelopen Jammer I m not sure if I should give this a 2.5 stars or round up to three. A nice little taster and reminder of Malorie Blackman s Noughts Crosses world before the release of Crossfire this summer Quick, easy, gold storyline, easy to follow, just wish it a longer I love the characterisation of Eva developed in only a few pages I would love to hear a continuation of this short story It got me back in the mindset of noughts and crosses and I am so excited for the next book in this fantastic series