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Kindness is catchy 3 31 2020 Quirky character having a hard time hearing the advice to just do you But don t so many of us have that concern about how we might appear to others In this volume, the characters plan a dance off to purchase coats for those in need.I love the homage to Jackie Woodson s Each Kindness and the posters of African American leaders. Don t worry about what everybody else is doing Just do you Jada is a member of the student council and this time they are working to raise money for coats for students who need them They plan a week of kindness that culminates in a dance to help raise money and get coat donations But Jada is not happy about this because she can t dance and she s embarrassed But she knows how important this fund raising is. I received this ARC from the publisher through SLJ s Middle Grade Magic Virtual Conference in exchange for an honest review This book was fine Is a sweet story of Jada who as a student council member reads a note in the suggestion box that makes her aware that some kids in her school don t have the money for new coats The book is geared toward lower readers than would typically be considered middle grade To say that it s for fans of STEM is a bit of a reach. My kids love this series Jada has to overcome her fear of looking foolish when she participates in a Ten Dance Challenge to raise money for Coats for Caring An adequate, rather predictable short chapter book for 2nd 3rd graders Review based on an ARC through NetGalley. Not much science on this one but lots of Jada s big heart A great read. {E-pub} Ä Dancing Queen õ Jada Jones is back for the fourth book of this popular, celebrated series perfect for STEM fans When the student council decides to host a dance as their next fundraiser, Jada feels nervous and queasy She s excited to give back, but she can t dance Still, she s determined to help the cause and show she cares She practices her moves, gets help from friends, and even does research at the library to prepare but will it be enough to help her create change in her community