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FREE EPUB ⛄ Claiming My Untouched Mistress Í I ve drawn her into my worldAnd she s mine to awaken And she s mine to awaken Walking into my casino, Edie Spencer seemed like a spoilt heiress until she agreed to clear her family s debts by posing as my temporary mistress My plan To use her to expose my business rivals Yet discovering Edie s innocence has led to greater temptation than I could have imagined Our chemistry is spectacular now I ll claim Edie for so muchthan pleasure ve drawn her into my world And she s mine to awaken Walking into my casino, Edie Spencer seemed like a spoiled heiress until she agreed to clear her family s debts by posing as my temporary mistress My plan To use her to expose my business rivals Yet discovering Edie s innocence has led to greater temptation than I could have imagined Our chemistry is spectacular now I ll claim Edie for so much than pleasure Step into this tale of innocence and desire He s Dante Allegri a billionaire hunk of Italian hotness, who owns a casino in Monaco called Inferno and a lavish mansion on the C te d Azur titled La Villa Paradis.Those of you who re familiar with Dante Alighieri s The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri Illustrated, will know that the author s tipping her hat off to the poet s epic classic tale, of a man who has to travel through the bowels of Hell and claw his way through Purgatory before he can attain his Paradise This is an idyllic love story, filled with tender angst and starring another of Heidi Rice s delicious brooding, tortured bad boy alphas But it s a tale that s a little different because this bad boy doesn t appear as harsh or forbidding to the reader, because the author employs the use of alternating first person narration It s difficult to think of him as a mean bad boy after reading exactly what goes on in his mind This is the H, Dante Allegri was even taller, broader and devastatingly handsome in the fleshI knew he was only thirty, but the harsh angles of his face, and the unyielding strength of muscle and sinew barely contained by the expensive tuxedo, made it clear that the softness and inexperience of youth if he had ever been young or soft had left him long ago Everything about him exuded power and confidence, and a frightening arrogance And I mustn t forget to mention his sexy eyes, that turned the heroine and the reader to mush when he focused them upon herDante had been born a bastard to a prostitute mother who abandoned him to foster care when he was just a child He s clawed himself up from the bowels of the slums, by using his skills as a gambler and his intuitive entrepreneurial talents Despite his vast wealth, however, Dante is a loner by nature He has one good friend named Joe, but he s unable to let anyone else into his life because he s unable to trust easily and has a visceral fear of rejection, after what his mother had done to him His relationships with women have always been superficial and of short duration, yet he s never been heartless enough to choose young impressionable 20 somethings Dante s former ladies have all been a few years older than him he preferred women who were happy to be in mature consensual relationships, without expecting a wedding ring or a confession of love When he meets the 21 year old heroine Edie, he s shattered by the force of feeling she inspires in him In fact, insta lust hits him so badly, that after a mere few hours in her company, he s thinking Hot blood surged in my groin.In fact, it was a weakness I was going to take great pleasure in exploiting.Game on, bella This is the heroine, Edie She really was exquisite Provocative, fearless and, from the system I had yet to fully fathom, also wildly intelligent Edie s a tough little heroine, who s taken it upon herself to save her family s ancestral home and to repay the staggering debts owed, by her cowardly brother in law, to a bullying loan shark called Carsoni She s a Mathematical prodigy and and has devised a secret system to win back all the money, at the H s casino, by playing in a million euro game of Texas Hold Em The MC s meet when Edie bolsters her courage and enters Inferno, hoping to win a few million dollars at the famous casino She s scared but determined to succeed Her plans fall apart when she realizes that Dante is participating in the high stakes poker game that night After an intense game of poker, where the atmosphere almost bubbles from the heat of the MC s mutual sexual attraction, the heroine eventually loses to the H The plot gets complicated after this point when the H chases after her and learns about her perilous financial situation He thinks she s a fraudulent gold digger yet he acts as her knight in shining armour when the loan shark s henchman beats her up The villainous bully Brutus gets exactly what s coming to him because the tough streetwise Dante beats the shit out him for daring to hurt Edie It was awesome to see this nasty bastard get his comeuppance and I cheered during that scene The H then turns changes from being vengeful to becoming Edie s new protector and employer The MC s then journey to the H s coastal mansion, La Villa Paradis and the angst level decreases during this stage as they grow closer and become lovers It s obvious, to me, that they re both falling in love with each other They re reluctant to admit that the affair will develop into anything permanent, but their actions and thoughts reveal than their self denials It s wonderful to get a bird s eye view into the workings of these MC s minds For one thing, it gave me the opportunity to see the vulnerable core of a hard man the vulnerable core that he keeps hidden from everyone around him It also helped me to enjoy the gradual process through which these MC s fell in love with each other And Dante proved his worth as a man and as a H when he saved the heroine and her sister from the mercenary Carsoni Throughout the course of the unfolding story, the reader always knows how they feel about each other even before they make their declarations of love It s a powerful feeling for a reader to have and I guess that s the benefit that always arises when alternating first person narrative voices are used to tell a story They re both children of women who were prostitutes the H s mother was a street corner type of hooker and Edie s mom earned her living as a serial mistress to a long line of rich men Both MC s have been tainted by this sordid legacy The heroine is ashamed of her late mother and sometimes feels guilty for this reaction Dante, on the other hand, bears a deeper resentment that borders on loathing, for the mother who d rejected him so callously In fact, it s Edie s mentioning of his mother that ruins their burgeoning relationship Dante clams up and ends the affair coldly He forces himself to be cruel to her it s that old standby used by many alpha H s the I m doing it for you, because I m not a good man argument The heartbroken heroine tries to bridge the gap between them but gives up in the face of his new unyielding coldness If I hadn t had direct access to Dante s innermost thoughts, via his first person narration, I would ve really hated him at this point But I knew him well enough, by now, to know that the heroine was speaking the truth when she accused him of pulling away to safeguard himself rather than to protect her He gives her a job in his casino but goes off to the USA for 3 weeks, hoping that time will cure him of his compulsive desire for her It s rampant possessive male jealousy that breaks the impasse between them, towards the end, when he sees her with the super sexy billionaire Formula 1 team owner, Alexi Galanti This was the best part of the novel, for me because I LOVE it when alpha male H s go all caveman and get jealous because their woman is being courted by a rival hot guy In many of the recent HP novels, there hasn t been any of this sexy male possessive jealousy and that s a serious bummer for me I actually have to go back and read the vintage HP s by Charlotte Lamb when I want to get my little jealous alpha H fix LOL But then Alexi lifted his finger to tuck a lock of hair behind Edie s ear And Edie smiled at him, that sweet smile that had only ever been meant for me.Rage exploded inside me, the same rage I had kept so carefully at bay Ever since Edie had thrown her parting words at me I ll be sure to use the lessons you taught me about how to pleasure a man when I take my next lover Those words had tortured me every night since But I d stayed away, determined not to give in to the need, the jealousy, the longing.Big mistake Bastardo I shouted and several people turned towards me The scene that followed was hot and intense, because Dante was so filled with rage and jealousy that he could barely think logical thoughts Is it greedy of me to admit that I really really really want jealous, possessive alpha male H in future HP s This was a lovely slow burn romance novel, with sexy and likable MC s who shared intense sexual chemistry but were also able to communicate respectfully with each other until the 90% marker when the H flipped out and ended their affair Edie was an admirable, strong and endearing heroine who had sacrificed so much to help her older sister Jude The sister was kind and loving but seemed a little spineless because she just sat back and let the heroine do all the hard work literally I resented Jude a little, especially since it was her loser husband who had placed the sisters in the financial trenches And I wouldn t be me if I didn t do my little personal assessment vis a vis the novel s little link to The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri Illustrated The way I see it is like this our H Dante, has been living in his own Inferno all his life and he d only progressed into his metaphoric Purgatorio when he became a billionaire and finally achieved a stable life However, he wasn t able to get into Paradiso until he met the heroine and finally learned his divine lesson in life that true love can bring the ultimate healing to a broken soul and a tortured heartMaybe Edie s our H s version of the epic poem s elusive, angelic Beatrice who was the saving grace for the hero of Alighieri s tale.The epilogue is adorable because it s a full year afterwards and the H proposes in a goofy and unconventional manner There are no babies in this epilogue but that didn t bother me because it was obvious that these 2 were in love and obsessed with each other Moreover, I would be the biggest hypocrite to complain about this since I myself postponed starting a family after my own marriage I waited until the time was just right for meI think it says a lot for a couple that they re willing to strengthen the bonds of their relationship first, before rushing to have kids New couples need a little bit of alone time with each other before bringing a baby into the mix That s just my personal take on this issue, of course There s also the argument that a truly strong relationship doesn t need to be bolstered by a baby There are couples with no kids who are content, faithful, very much in love and their relationships are in no way lacking when compared to the couples with kids Does it mean that I don t want to see epilogues with cute babies Hell no Babies in HP epilogues are a tried and tested staple that puts some gooey warmth into the hearts of many readers LOL But, it s nice to see a couple go the realistic route for a change and take their time the way I did before starting a familyI am also very intrigued by the minor character Alexi Galanti That guy s smoking hot and I wish he gets his own novel.Safety No OW, no OM, no cheating and both MC s are celibate during their 3 week separation. if you wanted to protect me, why didn t you protect me from you, Dante You left me, Dante Which means you don t get to come storming back into my life three weeks later, telling me who I can and cannot sleep with You don t get to call me bella, or touch me as if you own me, or look at me as if you care about me when we both know you don t You hurt me That s what I want to see when H wants to reclaim the h, not quick acceptance and gratitude after he callously hurt her And I want to thank Ms Rice because she understood that love makes us forgive our loved ones but should not be reason to become doormats. Claiming My Untouched Mistress is the story of Evie and Dante.A very sweet love story between our ruthless and scarred billionaire hero Dante, and the sacrificing and caring heroine Evie Our heroine is indebted to a mob, after her BIL borrowed exuberant amount of cash and disappeared She plans to pay him off by pretending to be a rich heiress, and playing cards at Dante Allegri s Monaco casino She prays that the Dante, the devil himself would not be present, but the forces are not with her.As soon as Dante sees Evie, he is intrigued He knows she is hiding something, but the attraction is so strong he cannot look away from her.Soon circumstances land them in a room together, and leaving both of them flustered The heroine loses in the biggest gamble of her life, and disappears.When the hero tracks her down, she s being abused and rescues her, whisking her away into her world But as passion blooms between them, can these two let go of their past and find happiness with one another Honestly, this was refreshing to read The couple have a lot of chemistry, the misunderstandings were quickly resolved, and even there was angst which was followed by a heartwarming grovel scene Both came from sad backgrounds, and their pasts shaped them into two people were were made for each other Their lovemaking was hot too Enjoyed it Safe4 5