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[ FREE DOWNLOAD ] ♶ Billionaire's Proposition / Taking Care of Business ♿ Billionaire s Proposition by Leanne BanksGannon Elliott never expected to become a father just to hire an editor for his magazine But the billionaire had been bred to compete and win, like all in the Elliott dynasty, and now to win a challenge, he needed the best his ex lover Erika LayvenMore than anything, Erika wanted a baby, and the way she saw it, Gannon, who d ruined her for any other man, owed her It didn t matter that his green eyes drew her like a bee to honey, that his killer bod put sinful thoughts in her head She d simply draw up a contract and treat him like any other business deal But Erika made one fatal mistake She underestimated Gannon s charmsTaking Care of Business by Brenda JacksonFrom the moment she met Tag Elliott, Renee Williams thought of nothing but how his lips would feel on hers That and darkened bedrooms and whispered promises But as a member of Manhattan s wealthiest family, Tag was way out of the social worker s league Besides, no matter how much she craved him, there was one small matter She was black and Tag was whiteRenee allowed them one night to live their fantasies, but in the light of day Tag had to admit once was not enough He could ignore the scandal they would stir why couldn t she After all, Tag wanted her And he always got what he wanted