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FREE PDF ì Tales from Lamplight Lane Book 3: Plutopia õ Insomething, Sir Someone or another did something semi significant I know boring right For the most part history can be a snooze fest, but for the strange little town know as Lamplight Lane, it can be filled to the brim with excitement and mystery Well, maybe not to the brim, but it s pretty close Our four heroes and Waddles get wrapped up in the great mystery that is Lamplight Lane Follow them deep underground to the city s roots literally as they uncover the town s beginningsWho knows, they might even run into a moleman or twook there s than twoAbout the Author Darren S PhilibertDarren Shawn Philibert has loved fantasy and adventure stories ever since his grandmother bought him the Chronicles of Narnia series by CS Lewis when in middle school His hobbies include reading duh board games and binge watching sci fi shows He lives in Eugene, Oregon with his book loving wife Tara and their dorky cat Stormageddon Stormy for short