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My boys love books they can interact with and this one has plenty of that Poor alien crash lands and breaks his ship, hes told he can t stay here as hes different but then the book goes on to discover that actually everything on planet earth is different so maybe alien will do just fine My boys love the range of emotions they go through from feeling sorry for alien to utter delight that he has a friend come and help him out Perfect book for a family bedtime read. I absolutely adore these books as an adult, and for a child I love the interaction, the humour and the flow of writing A must have collection for any young child and a must read for just about anyone I haven t read the previous entries into this series, however they should be fun if this one is anything to go by It uses a clever concept which uses the physical book itself as an interactive story device The reader is encouraged to partake in various actions to help the titular alien who has crash landed inside the book The illustrations are bright, characterful and nicely done Overall it s definitely a parent and child bonding book the kids will love. A cute interactive book about an alien that crashes on Earth It s a little mean in the beginning, but the narrator evens out Oh no It s crying Perhaps we shouldn t have been so mean Pat the alien s head to make it feel better. It was quite sweet, I can t lie. Plus points for themes of acceptance and inclusiveness. My 5 year old loves this story, lots of interaction. &DOWNLOAD ★ There's an Alien in Your Book ☚ Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott have created a new interactive adventure, this time featuring an adorable alien who has crash landed in YOUR book You ll have to help Alien back up into space, because aliens don t belong on Earth do they This sequel to bestsellers There s a Monster in Your Book and There s a Dragon in Your Book is packed full of interactive fun, with a gentle message about openness, acceptance and inclusion that will speak to the very youngest readers I love an interactive book The kiddos at my library loved There s a Dragon in your book and I know they will enjoy this new one just as much Super fun book for Story Time