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I love the Afghan Whigs and I love this album I ve waded through some really shit 33 1 3 books In the Aeroplane Over the Sea I m looking at you This one I got six pages into and put it down If this were the first one I d read I wouldn t have bothered with the rest Luckily, the first one I read was Carl Wilson s wonderful book on Celine Dion, followed by John Darnielle s awesome book on Black Sabbath They ve all with the exception of the Throbbing Gristle book been downhill since then I m hoping Prince and ABBA will bring me back up to having an okay opinion of the series again I m also hoping they ll do a book on a Paul Simon album. i adore afghan whigs and i really like gentlemen although it s not my favorite album reading what the band members and people they worked with had to say was a great adventure, but the author s comments were mundane, too pompous and irrelevant at times he keeps restating the obvious his analyses of the songs were cringeworthy. A fantastic look at a fantastic album by a fantastic band.Though, like most if not all in the 33 1 3 series, it s a bit esoteric to recommend to anyone who isn t familiar with the Whigs, and especially with Gentlemen But if you are a fan, check this one out it may remove some of the mystery surrounding the guys, which was kind of their allure in the first place, but it will replace it with a deeper understanding of it all.http www.youtube.com watch v yWg4r I m tempted to hate this book on the first chapter alone Gendron makes assumptions that all those in Austin, of all places, are rednecks Dude, we have ignorant people just like Chicago Do you ever wonder why your town is divided the way it islook into it buddy Still, the rest of the book was enjoyable, and you can never really be indifferent to a character like Greg Dulli now can you Pretty good little book about the Whigs, but good god is it marred by Bob Gendron s attempts to describe each individual song My god The book just stops dead so he can write things like The error of his ways netted freedom, but at what cost The prom dance waltz of hell bound sinners continues Ba bahm, ba bahm Bahm ba, bahm ba No sympathy Ba bahm, ba bahm Bahm ba, bahm ba Loneliness Another swell of feedback arises, but this time, rather than fling acid into bare eyes, McCollum underlines the alienation with a mournful Southern slide Remove the interminable, wanky chapter that trudges through the individual tracks with that kind of bullshit, and this is a four star book. Although I own a copy, I have only a passing knowledge of this album which probably makes it the first of the wonderful 33 1 3 series that I have gone into without a reasonable understanding of the subject Despite that, Bob Gendron s effort is an excellent one as so than many of the others in the series it works well as a stand alone Given that the history of the Afghan Whigs is a relatively short one and is centred largely on the release of this very album, the author is able to neatly wrap a bow around the whole story and is able to adapt a narrative style for their history rather than just a deconstruction of the album Given that much of the story is set in the musical wonderland of the mid nineties only makes it that much compelling especially for a crusty old Gen Xer One of the great things about this series though is that, although music appreciation is a personal thing, they often uncover a lot of elements and detail in the recordings that you may not have picked up yourself Best I dust off my copy of Gentlemen and give it another listen, then. A co worker let me borrow this as she s a big fan of the band and knew that I lived in Cincinnati where the band is from I was never a big fan of the band but I enjoy music and I ve read other books on bands that I didn t care for as the stories were still interesting This one was not Written by a fan boy who thinks they are soulful and compares them a lot to old acts like James Brown laughable It s only a hundred or so pages but I could barely get through half of it before deciding there were better things to read out there I would say if you are a fan of the band you d like this but my co worker was disappointed in this book as well. Being an AW superfan, I d heard lots of theories about what or who, exactly, Gentlemen was about Enjoyed that aspect, but so the behind the scenes aspect of how the album was written on the road during the Congregation era touring Gendron is very precise in his descriptions during the track by track breakdown, which can be a dicey proposition in lesser hands, but here he nails the sound of the record as I heard it my own head Only wish Black Love wasn t dismissed as at the end, as to my ears it s the finest moment of the band in their attempt at musical cin ma v rit. (Read Pdf) õ The Afghan Whigs' Gentlemen ä In the absence of love, there is loneliness, sorrow and desperation And that s where I come in Greg Dulli, introducing When We Two Parted onstage in San FranciscoLike no record before or since, Gentlemen is fraught with the psychological warfare, bedroom drama, Catholic guilt, reprehensible deception and uncleansable shame that coincide with relationships gone seriously wrong This story explores what happens when intellectual sophistication is star crossed with outspoken braggadocio, a charismatic mixture that managed to alienate the mainstream horde and arms folded indie scenesters while, for good measure, incited outsider jealousy and condescending rumors advanced by the Fat Greg Dulli zine In addition to dissecting the record s organization, arrangements and lyrics, as well as examining old articles, reviews and interviews, this book delves into the memories, experiences and influences of the Afghan Whigs, most notably those that drive Dulli, a polarizing frontman whose fierce pretentiousness, GQ appearance and gloves off boisterousness concealed deep rooted mental depression and chemical dependency Really good music writing At times, it s a bitmuch in describing some of the sexual details, but on the whole, fascinating If you like The Afghan Whigs or are interested in Greg Dulli, it s definitely worth reading.