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I really loved this book I felt like I was reading art. (Received this from Net Galley for review.)A fresh and interesting exploration of race and culture (as well as gender, religion etc.) as told through many perspectives of mixed race individuals woven together skillfully with the author's poetry that forces us to look at how divisive labels can be and asks us to look beyond them at that which is innately human and connects us all Full of anger, hope and beauty, this collection of poems is sure to stay with you. Not gonna lie, I only got this from Netgalley because I used to love Victorious so much (and pretend to fancy Avan Jogia when really I fancied Liz Gillies) But I was pleasantly surprised by this It was powerful and I loved the use of colour and illustrations it set it apart from other collections like this I think Avan Jogia did a good job with discussing important topics such as race and gender and I recommend checking this out. Talks a lot about his family and race/ religion I felt all of these stories with my whole mixedrace heart. Being raised in a multicultural environment and having a unique name at times, I related to certain things in this book Other times, it riled me up and made me want to meet these people and the author to discuss what was said All in all, that might have been the author's objective, to start a discussion, provoke thought.I truly enjoyed it. Really beautiful interior both poetically and visually Loved that this included a number of submissions and voices from many mixed race individuals and not just Avan, as you are able to hear from different perspectives and are shown how diverse and wide ranging it means to be mixed race The art and photographs of Avan and his family and various contributors was such a great addition However, I did feel that some of the poems just felt like filler and weren't particularly poignant and fell a bit flat. As a person of mixed race myself, Mixed Feelings really resonated with me The tug of war of identifying as one or the other is both empowering and compromising Pride in both and yet fearful to be too much of either The images and language in these pages brings to light a lot of those feelings It also sheds light on other factors that continue to promote divisiveness and at times unity While poetry might not be everyone's cup of tea, the subject matter is important.*This book was an ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Mixed Feelings is a gorgeous book— both in its' words and it's illustrations— and it was an absolute pleasure to read Mainly focusing on being mixed race, this book also touches on religion, gender, family, and identity in general, and in such an elegant yet real way.The world loves to label people and squish them into tiny little boxes I fit into mine pretty well: I'm a white, blondehaired, blueeyed, cis woman Nobody makes me question which part of myself I should value and identify with, or asks me insensitive questions about my family (Ex Was your grandfather okay with your mom marrying a brown man?) As such, this book has left me with a pile of things to reflect on and privileges to be mindful of My beautiful greatgrandma is Metis— part Native Canadian (Algonquin, specifically) and part French Canadian— and I wonder how much of her life was spent being stuffed inside a box too small for her If there wasn't such a large language barrier, I'd love to ask about her experience (Not that this has anything to do with the book, but she's the coolest person ever and I love to talk about her 91 years old and still goes camping by herself, cooks up a storm, and shovels her own driveway!)This book is beautiful in every sense of the word, and I highly recommend it Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me with a copy of this title in exchange for honest feedback :) `DOWNLOAD BOOK ☠ Mixed Feelings ⇩ From actor Avan Jogia comes a raw and moving collection of poetry, stories, and art about living as a mixedrace person in a world increasingly fixated on racial identityIn Mixed Feelings, Avan Jogia explores his complicated emotions around race, identity, religion, and family through poetry and imagery Drawing on the author's own life story as well as interviews he's conducted with friends and strangers, Mixed Feelings serves as a dialogue starter for difficult topics that now, than ever, need to be discussed