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I was looking forward to reading this book but I really struggled with it and although there were beautiful descriptive parts and good character portrayal, I found the book very slow. I really liked this novel I admit I am a sucker for anything set in India or Pakistan However, I felt this really captured the spirit of hope that people in some of the bleakest points of their lives The description was beautiful Perhaps a bit slow for some, but an enjoyable read. Simply beautiful This turned out to be a wonderful book although I struggled in the early pages and nearly gave up on it I was interested that it takes place in what is now Bangladesh, a place I have twice visited in Rashahi Sp and Dacca, not Chittagong It makes me long to see my friends again and gives me plenty to think about A lovely book Sweet book, it s in my collection Interesting read I was reading this book in bengali translationcouldn t finish it.when I was about 100 pages left to finish it , I actually gave up the wastage of time *READ BOOK ☠ Under a Tin-Grey Sari ☟ Under a Tin Grey Sari is a sensual love story set inin the bustling city of Chittagong, East Pakistan It is a time of boom and ferment, when a household cook may dream of fame and fortune, a bearer brazenly spit in the drinks of oblivious sahibs, an ayah sublimely seduce a minisahib and a letterwriter link the dead with the living