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{READ DOWNLOAD} ë Destructions Ascent (Dragon Ridden Chronicles, #3) ⚫ When the past rises, the world burns Newly conscripted into the Emperor s dragon corps, Tate Fisher is still trying to figure out all that her new position entails Along with an elevation in status comes dangerous enemies Enemies who would rather see the dragons fall into ruin than remain in their current place of power When a dragon goes missing, followed by a child close to her, Tate is forced to confront the hidden agendas of those in the highest seats of authority Her search for the truth takes her deeper into the maze of tunnels that lie beneath the city It s a place where secrets lurk and dangers abound There, she ll uncover a plot whose origins stretch all the way back to the beginning of this world one that can only end in the destruction of everything she knows and loves The key to saving her city lies in her uncertain past If only she could remember what that was.