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Little Simon, 2009 BOARD BOOK This is a darling book for young kids It uses some of the same elements and the same characters we are familiar with in the Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type book If you have liked Cronin and Lewin s other stories, you will love this as a jump start to teaching your kids the alphabet Pre preschool, My two year old son had fun with this book, its small size is packed with lots of fun Going through the alphabet with the barn animals made for lots of practice. Eh I never know how to feel about books that have letters trying to tell a story They are always a little confusing to me I never know if I am supposed to read the alphabet letters or just the words next to them, so I always do a combination of the two which is not only confusing for me but probably my girls too. I wanted to like this board book, but there was simply too much going on Each letter of the alphabet introduces a two word phrase All the two word phrases should come together to create a story There are around 4 two word phrases per spread I couldn t follow it. ( Free ) ♶ Click, Clack, ABC ♟ This alphabetical adventure for the very young makes learning letters lots of fun Working their way through the alphabet the farm animals plan a special day. Words don t flow into complete thoughts.