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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Awesome book Kr tka, acz tre ciwa, wystarczaj co przybli aj ca posta Rasputina. my interest in the life of the romanoph family and their tragic death the rise and fall of Russia s greatest Empire wasn t the topic of this book as i expected yet it added another chapter to the intriguing story of Nicholas II Rasputin was just another piece in the puzzle he played the DEVIL {Download} × Rasputin õ Gregory Rasputin features in Russian history as a malign and destructive force, a man with an unhealthy influence on the Empress Alexandra and undue power in Russian politics Yet his purposes were ostensibly beneficent An uneducated peasant, he left Siberia to become a wandering holy man and soon acquired a reputation as a healer The empress was desperate to find a cure for haemophilia from which her son Alexei suffered, and inRasputin was presented at court His positive effect on the heir s health made him indispensible But his religious teachings were unorthodox, and his charismatic presence aroused in many ladies of the St Petersburg aristocracy an exalted response, which he exploited sexually Shady financial dealings added to the atmosphere of debauchery and scandal, and he was also seen as a political threat He was assassinated bin