{Ebook} õ Crags of Eka: A LITRPG Harem ⚣ eBook or E-pub free

This books suffers from really terrible editing In at least two places, sentences just drop off, thought unfinished With these short, self published reads, I don t expect professional level editing However, I expect complete sentences The story as a whole is weak, and lacks interesting characters even for what it is. Twilight ZoneThis read s like an episode of Twilight Zone with a message of moderation in gaming A very good read from that point of view. Violence and SexThis is a book easy to read the sex and fighting doesn t go over board either way which is ok yet still the enter action from real life to virtual reality is s getting weird Interesting This is litrpg lite I was lost about the game play mechanics I understood the real life scenes The concept was good Execution needs work. {Ebook} Þ Crags of Eka: A LITRPG Harem ⚦ DISCLAIMER This LITRPG HAREM is for ADULTSONLY This book contains explicit sexual acts, unruly violence, and humorous role playing game mechanics Reader beware In this LITRPG Harem Johann, a bored assistant store manager, is on a quest for His family ignores him, he hates his job, and his wife, who is also his boss, left him in a dirty divorce During a mundane night, like every other night, in his flat, Johann catches a glimpse of a commercial for the Excelsior Virtual Reality System He accounts in his mind for his minimum wage job, failed marriage, nonexistent relationship with his daughter, and overall bore with life He couldn t dare afford it But maybe Eka is exactly what he needs Follow Johann and his VR alter ego named Telfor through this incredible VRMMORPG Eka, which is a series of cities that are comprised together in the rough habitat of Mars, is his oyster The land itself is used as exile grounds for those caught breaking laws on surrounding planets lush with criminals, sexual deviants, adult situations, and game mechanics, Telfor must survive and thrive by grinding it out, leveling up, and building his protective harem Telfor must complete objective based goals in order to create a new life, far away from reality, as he withers away in his Excelsior VR gaming chair As he grinds hard to obtain higher levels of XP, his worldly body and mind becomes frail and numb to those experiences around him Will this LITRPG harem really benefit Johann in the long run Only time will tell Will Telfor survive and thrive in Eka, or end up a dead, teabagged noob