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{Free Epub} ê Playing Sinatra: A Play ð A powerful, psychological drama set in an oppressive old house in London, where grown up siblings Norman and Sandra resist their lonely future and harassment by property developers by living out their fantasies in the music of their idol, Frank Sinatra Norman, an agoraphobic bookbinder, works at home and heats microwave meals to perfection, Sandra, with outside job and interests, longs to break free of her existence But the option of leaving her mentally disturbed brother and running off with the mystic Phillip proves less than straightforward Phillip eventually cons her out of money, needed to save his skin, which leads to a truly frightening scene, but gives Sandra the lever to quit the family home Shortly after her departure, however, Phillip returns to beg for sanctuary from a society he can no longer deal with and Norman, realizing he has the upper hand, offers it to him